Honoring Veterans and Rambling commentary from your Media Watch guy

Let’s start this article way off track. So much has happened over the past week and it was also a week where we were honoring our Veterans and deservedly so. We also were reminded on how they have been treated in the past and the incompetence on the VA on the handling of their medical care. Heads are rolling as of press time but I find no comfort knowing that the government still has the roadblocks in place to make this tragedy continue. Please lets make this easier for everyone involved.

Let their primary care physician prescribe their treatment and medicine and skip the weeks waiting for the VA doctors to rubber stamp them. Sure its not perfect and things will always fall through the cracks but at least it will be expedited much quicker and they won’t have to wait weeks for the simplest tests and meds.

As a son of a veteran and living on many bases around the world growing up I enjoyed the experience immensely even though we were living in housing they would not allow prisoners to live in now. It didn’t matter; everyone was close and loyal to each other and I learned about discipline and honor as a young child.

My Dad was the Great Santini to the tee, but did He love his country. He passed away years back from complications from serving in Vietnam for a few tours of duty, but he would gladly not change a thing and do it all over again. To my Dad and all those who have served and are serving our country, We will never forget or be able to show the appreciation you so greatly deserve.

As long as I am off track:

Media Watch

If you had a choice, would you rather be a sportswriter covering the NBA playoffs or the NHL?

An NBA owner can’t be a racist in his own home but an NFL owner can drive around under the influence with a weapon that can kill and gets a slap on his wrist.

Hopefully Michael Sam is getting better advice and training for a shot to play in the NFL instead of auditioning for Survivor.

EA Sports just settled for $40 million dollars with ex and present players for using their likeness. Settlement likely to be between $48.00 and $900.00 per participating players in lawsuit after legal fees. Still getting screwed. Donald Sterling is a despicable racist but the NCAA is worse. They discriminate against everyone and hide behind terms such as amateurs and employees. Back in the day Donald Sterling would probably be carrying around a whip. The NCAA would own the plantation. And the media would be sitting on the sidelines saying all is good and enjoying the free seats to all of the auctions.

ESPN does a lot of self promotion and is very good at it. But it has produced a lot of great series such as 30 for 30 and Outside the Lines. Bob Ley is the best of the lot and doesn’t have to wear super hero t-shirts to be noticed. ESPN prints money and has made some great hires to offset some of the silliness and clowns that fill in the many hours of programming.

I keep thinking that Fox Sports 1 is a Saturday night live parody on local sports productions. Besides Charissa Thompson there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to watch that network. Unless you want some comic relief.

I have been sleeping a lot better knowing that Lebron James is our moral compass in sports.

I like the idea of having all pro sports teams get one ping pong ball for the draft lottery. That way good cap managers and GM’s will get rewarded for not tanking and making mistakes.

Miami in 6. Sorry folks. Wade and Lebron are the 2 greatest players of their time. But I won’t pay too much attention to it anyways.

Rangers in 7. Goal tending will be great for both teams unlike the semis. I would take both of these goalies over anyone right now. I just think it’s Henrik’s turn. It will come down to power plays, power plays and finally power plays. Martin St. Louis puts them over the top. They both have the best “Richards” playing for them BTW.

I still have my game 7 ticket from 1994 when the Rangers last won the cup. (93-94 season)

The Boston Bruins should trademark the term “Puck Luck” so no one else will use it as an excuse when they lose.

The Blackhawks were very close to being called a “D—-ty”

Ok. So next week we will continue my series on the media after a few interviews with some great reporters and columnists.



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