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NBA Draft Profile – Andrew Wiggins

With the NBA Draft fast aproaching, college players from across the nation are deeming themselves available for the transition into the NBA. Andrew Wiggins, Vaughan native and Kansas Jayhawks small forward, was one of the first to do so on Monday as he officially stated his one-year college career was over. In the first of this series of articles, I will analyze Andrew Wiggins as a player and a product. I would like to take this time to thank loyal readers and fans of for their continued support and also new readers for checking us out.

Wiggins, born February 23rd 1995, is amongst talks of the top-draft picks for this seasons draft. The Canadian player was the top college basketball recruit last year and his one-year stint in Kansas has soldified his place among the top prospects in the world.

In high-school, after he was criticized by Sports Illustrated for his work-ethic, he scored fifty-seven points in a massive win against Marietta College.

With the Jayhawks, Wiggins has joined the likes of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in his record breaking feats; most notably being the only other person (alongside MKG) to score seventeen points and nineteen rebounds in a win against a ranked opponent.

Did I mention this was his debut game? Later in the year, he dropped forty-one against West Virginia, the most since Michael Beasley for a Big Twelve conference game. He would then put forty-four on Baylor. Convinced yet?

Drake’s rapped about him and Nike has begged him to put pen to paper for an endorsement deal; and this was all before he entered Draft eligibility a few days ago. While he’s expected to be within the top five, I’m picking him to go number one. And that’s saying alot, I’m a massive Joel Embiid fan.

It was rumored on the internet last year that Wiggins has accepted a one-hundred and eighty million dollar shoe endorsement deal with Adidas, however there has been no confirmation or denial from either parties. This does not take away from the fact that brands are rapdily chasing Wiggins for a deal. Not since John Wall has there been a rookie so well sought after, however there is risk in signing before Draft day as the team Wiggins will play for will effect his ‘brand’ dramatically (take Kevin Durant for example).

So where do I think he could go? Yeah, yeah, call me whatever you want, I can see him going to the Lakers. Firstly, what it will do for his name as a brand is phenomenal. Wiggins, as a product, would flourish in Hollywood. And as a player, well the Lakers need him as much as he needs them. Wiggins would slide into a purple and gold outfit next to Kobe Bryant, and presumably fill the world-sized gap left by Metta (see what I did there?). With Kobe as a mentor and the pressure of not being a go-to scorer gone, Wiggins could develop into a fantastic NBA player. Are we talking about the next Lebron? I don’t know, but you watch what Wiggins leaves behind on the court next year. And hopefully, it’s in purple and gold.

Coming next, Jabari Parker!


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