Gooners, The Arsenal Needs Us

The world of social media is in disarray as millions of displeased Gooners have taken our Timelines to air their grievances with the club – but mostly Arsene Wenger.  Despite what many believe, Arsenal have no divine right to win trophies. Not only that, but they are up against quite a stacked deck in clubs such as Manchester City and Chelsea, who are capable of spending billions at the drop of a hat.

Just to gain a bit of perspective, the lads at Anfield haven’t won the league in 25 years – yes, 25 years – which puts our nine years to shame.  And for Spurs having spent 100 million+ in summer additions, well, they remain the lesser of the two North London Premiership clubs in terms of their place at the table.  And let’s not forget last season’s Champions Manchester United who are 14 points behind the Arsenal.  Can you breathe again?

Remember Gooners, Arsenal are but 1 point off top of the top of the Premier League table – not in relegation zone. Arsenal are still alive in the FA Cup and have a glamorous Champions League tie with Bayern Munich to look forward too.  So with still a shot at the Premier League, prospects in the FA Cup and a high profile tile with one of the world’s best, have Arsenal fans a right to moan?

Of course every opinion is valid. Either accept the opinion or leave it.  If you disagree then move on or just ignore.  Like everyone, even I moan on occasion. It doesn’t show that we dislike the team, but rather demonstrates how much the team means to us that it envokes such strong feelings. But right now it’s at a fever pitch, one which is ready to explode. And what is troubling is that it seems that all rationale has been pushed to the side.

My Twitter was littered with comments such as: “Olivier Giroud is s*** and can’t hit a barn door this the reason were not winning.”  Right, then I suppose he’s been quite lucky this season.  And who hasn’t fielded a plethora of comments about Mesut Ozil being a flop.  This, even though he has many assists and, without Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey, is missing the runners he needs to play his delightful classy through balls and little reverse passes.  And who doesn’t enjoy a nice “blame Carl Jenkinson” tweet, even when he’s not playing.

But the best ones, the ones that seem to garner more attention than any other by many leagues, are those directed at Le Profeseur.  Wenger has been called every name in the book, despite us having a fantastic season thus far and still being alive in 3 competitions and securing one of the best midfielders in football.  Should Arsene Wenger have spent more in the summer/January on a striker?  Yes, of course, provided they actually had a shot at one that is a great improvement on Giroud. The problem is that none of us actually know that to be true (or false).  Money doesn’t buy success, though spending a bit more is always welcomed.

So where for Arsenal from here?

Simply, they need to get back to their winning ways.  The squad needs to regain its confidence and the fans’ backing the team.  Make no mistake, fans are a part of this and should look to ‘win as one’ and ‘lose together’.   I’m far from happy with the current situation on transfer dealings, team selections, when subs are made, etc, but most of this comes from the frustration of the not winning trophies. But right now the club is competing and is in the mix. They just need that final push to the finish line, which is where the fans come in.  Instead of whining, moaning and complaining, Gooners should work to make Emirates a fortress again and get behind the team with everything they have.  All fans have the common goal of wanting to see them lift trophies and become champions.

Right now, Gooners, the team needs you.  Please do your part.  Get your chanting voices out and all together now,

And it’s Arsenal,
Arsenal FC,
We’re by far the greatest team,
The world has ever seen

till next time Up the Gunners


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