Numbers from the NFL 2013 Season; From the Impressive to the Absurd

In a season when Peyton Manning broke the single-season records for touchdowns and passing yards, records previously held by Tom Brady and Drew Brees, it is without question the greatest regular season of football the NFL has ever witnessed from a quarterback.  There are some numbers we here a lot of, there are others no so much.  Have a look below at a few obscure, absurd and the odd impressive number that we took from the 2013 NFL season. 


634the number of yards Adrian Peterson was short by this year based on his pre-season prediction of breaking Emmitt Smith’s career yards mark. Peterson will need to average 1,900 yards per season if he hopes to come close to this number, and he came up well short this year.  It’s a number Peterson could still reach, but each sub-1,900 yard season is a step in the wrong direction. 


1 – the number of times Adrian Peterson has rushed for more than 1,900 yards in a season.


1,008the number of yards Calvin Johnson was short this season in passing yards pre-season prediction.  In the off-season Johnson boldly predicted he’d go for 2,500 yards this season. A number he obviously and predictably came up well short of.


3the number of head coaches that the Cleveland Browns will have had since 2012, once they hire Rob Chudzinski’s replacement.


353the number of days that Rob Chudzinski was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns.


16,411the number of days that that have past since Chuck Noll was hired on January 27, 1969.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have only had two coaches since. (Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin)


16the number of touchdown passes that separate Peyton Manning who led the league in touchdown passes and Drew Brees, who finished second.  If you combine the touchdowns thrown this season by Nick Foles and Ben Roethlisberger , who finished seventh and eighth, you equal what Manning did.


6the number of quarterbacks this season who can say that Peyton Manning did not throw twice as many touchdowns as they did.


46 – the number of quarterbacks who threw for a touchdown in the 2013 NFL season.


1the number of quarterbacks who threw more interceptions than Joe Flacco this season. (Eli Manning)


$20,100,000 – the salary that Joe Flacco earned this season.


7 – the number of points the Miami Dolphins scored total in the final two weeks of the season against the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets, in games that they were looking to clinch a playoff berth.


109QBR for Chicago Bear’s back-up quarterback Josh McCown, who came in to start for an injured Jay Cutler.


89.2 – QBR for Jay Cutler, who got his starting job back after returning from injury, just in time to help the Bears to another missed playoff appearance.


1.58 –  the number of touchdowns that Jay Cutler threw this season for every interception thrown.


13 —  the number of touchdowns that Josh McCown threw this season for every interception thrown.




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