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The Future of TNA Wrestling

First off, yes I know that Dixie Carter and her family bailed TNA and Jeff Jarrett out to keep TNA Wrestling in business. There are a lot of rumors circulating as to who is going to buy a stake in TNA. There are four names out there that I think may buy TNA Wrestling.

According to a new report, Smashing Pumpkins front-man Billy Corgan is rumored to be interested in buying a stake in TNA. Billy Corgan I always heard was a huge pro wrestling fan and back in the year 2000 he showed up on ECW on TNN and showed up with Steve Corino at the Hammerstein Ballroom in August of 2000. He would be a good guy in my opinion and if he has the backing and someone with a lot of money, he could make TNA better and will I’m sure make a lot of changes. Billy Corgan is someone that knows enough to be dangerous to the WWE and Vince.  He also currently runs Resistance Wrestling in Chicago.

Eric Bischoff and his “his people” would probably be in the mix to finance and make a move to run TNA and keep them going. Remember back in the year 2001, Bischoff thought he and his backing people Fusient had WCW but they couldn’t secure a TV deal and backed out, allowing the World Wrestling Federation to purchase the company. I don’t think Easy E will be the man in the end. Bischoff is still under contract to TNA but was sent home around the time Hogan’s contract expired.

Would Spike TV be interested in this? I doubt it. They would have to lose a lot of money but TNA is their highest rated show so who knows. I would not be shocked if they did but they already run Bellator MMA, or at least kept them afloat.

Finally, Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett has gotten together a few individuals who could possibly fund the buying of TNA. He’s been good with getting investors in the past, for example Ring Ka King. Back when Jeff ran the company before, we hardly heard of any issues with money or payouts. Jeff is the better solution right now. I like the idea very much of Jeff running things and getting back as the face of TNA Wrestling. Jeff has been in the business since he was 18-years-old and has been around the business his whole life and would do a much better job running TNA than the Carter family has done. I would love to see Double J in control of TNA again in 2014.

I did not even think TNA was up for sale or know it was until the news broke last Sunday. I heard about it and TNA for about five minutes was a trending topic on Twitter. I don’t know where they are going with the whole AJ Styles storyline but AJ has booked his first two major matches outside of the company to start this new storyline.

When he left ‘TNA Impact Wrestling’ with the World title, Styles said he was taking the belt back to the people. What this means is that he plans to defend the TNA World Championship around the world, but not as part of TNA Impact Wrestling. The first title defense will come in the AAA promotion in Mexico against Judas Mesias. It is expected for him to work in Japan and possibly the TNA development area of Ohio Valley Wrestling.

The Carter Family has denied the company is for sale despite many sources inside the company saying that it is on the market. All I hope as a wrestling fan is that TNA is saved and continues to be around for many many years to come. I’m a fan and will always be a TNA Wrestling fan.


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