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TNA Bound For Glory 2013 Preview And Predictions

Well it’s just a few days away before live on pay per view, TNA’s one big event and their biggest ppv of the year in Bound For Glory. This Sunday from SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA.

Let’s go over some of the history of Bound For Glory and the main event’s of each PPV:

– 2005 Jeff Jarrett vs Rhino
– 2006 Sting vs Jeff Jarrett
– 2007 Sting vs Kurt Angle
– 2008 Sting vs Samoa Joe
– 2009 Sting vs AJ Styles
– 2010 Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson in a Three Way match for the vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship in which Jeff Hardy turns heel to help form Immortal
– 2011 Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle (Despite Roode losing, he won the belt a few weeks later and what a run he had as TNA World Champion)
– 2012 Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries and this sunday 2013 Bound For Glory main event is Bully Ray vs AJ Styles BFG series winner for 2013.

TNA Bound For Glory Preview

So far matches that will go down include:

Pre-Show Gauntlet Match
(Winners earn a Tag Team Title shot that night)
Bad Influence vs Joseph Park and Eric Young vs The BroMans vs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez
This should be a very entertaining good match-up. TNA knows how to do tag team wrestling Christopher Daniels and Kazarian will go over and win and go on to face the TNA world Tag Team Champions later on in the night.

Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim vs. Brooke vs. ODB (c)
Three way Knockouts war for the Knockouts Title this sunday
I have always loved my TNA knockouts, kind of wish Velvet Sky was put of this match and got a spot on the card but she lost last week to Brooke. Look for Lady Tapa to come out during this title match and attack all three knockouts then leave. ODB will go over and retain the Knockouts championship.

Tag Team Championship
Pre-Show Match Winners vs. James Storm and Gunner (c)
If I’m wrong I’m wrong but I see Storm and Gunner retaining the Tag Team Championship and going over.

Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship
Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe vs. Manik (c)
On paper, the most stacked Ultimate X ever. This is going to be a wild one and a high spotfest and some very fast and great wrestling. Every guy in this match has a ton of talent. Austin Aries wins the X Division Championship in the end.

Bobby Roode vs. Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle
I think it’s a little early to have Angle return to the ring but I get it, they need him on the biggest TNA PPV of the year. This match will steal the show. I look for Daniels and Kazarian to interfere in this match. I look for Angle to not miss a beat; the guy is so good and one of the best pro wrestlers of all time. Bobby Roode wins and goes over to start an epic feud with Kurt Angle.

“The Icon” Sting vs. Magnus
The battle of the Main Event Mafia. This is going to be fun to watch. Will sting put over Magnus in his last match of this year and maybe his last match in a TNA ring? We will have to wait till Sunday. I see Magnus going over Stinger and winning at BFG. This will be a good one I just know it.

TNAWorld Heavyweight Championship
“The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray (c)
And finally the main event for the TNA World Title strap. This match will steal the whole PPV and show I believe (with Roode/Angle up there as well) AJ Styles wins and becomes TNA World Champion in his career once again. What’s best for business is for TNA to give AJ Styles the belt and a new deal going into 2014. I don’t know if TNA will make it out of 2014 still in business but AJ Styles is and will be the face of the company in my opinion and he and bully ray are the best they got right now with a handful of a few other top guys in TNA.

Everyone enjoy TNA Bound For Glory this Sunday on pay per view.

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