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The Dominance of SEC Sports

The SEC is the conference that is given the picture of strength, brutal force, sort of like a Goliath setting. It is home to 14 fabulous colleges that have achieved numerous goals in their college history. This does not just have to do with football, basketball, or baseball but all college sports and academics. The SEC has many people that go to college as athletes and finish as doctors, professors, or other big job Corporations. This conference is home to many national championships in both sports and academics. It is by far in my opinion, the greatest conference in the NCAA.

The SEC was created in 1932 and was home to 13 colleges (Sewanee, Georgia Tech, Tulane, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Tennessee and Vanderbilt), and ever since then teams have left and entered. Sewanee left the conference in 1940, Georgia Tech left the conference in 1964, and Tulane in 1964. Arkansas and South Carolina were admitted into the conference in 1991, and in 2012 the Missouri Tigers and the Texas A&M Aggies were added.

Since its inception, there has been numerous national championships in athletics and academics; there have been an incredible number in College Football since 1934. Since then, college football’s grand prize has been won 38 times. So in 79 years, the SEC colleges have claimed almost half of the national championships alone, which is a phenomenal stat. Added to that, in that same time period, they have been one of the two combatants for the title an astonishing 48 times. Can we say domination?!

The national title leader in the SEC for football is undoubtedly the Alabama Crimson Tide with 10 titles, including 3 out of the last 4 years; sounds like Nick Saban is doing his job. The SEC has dominated football in all eras. The largest drought the SEC didn’t get a national title in football was from 1984-1992, a total of just 8 years. This right here proves the SEC  dominates college football and has for the past 79 years.

The SEC has 5 teams ranked in the top 15 of schools with the most national championships for all sports and academics. That is a good number. In basketball the SEC has won 22 national championships in women’s and men’s basketball combined.  In baseball, the SEC has won 9 national titles. In track and field the SEC has claimed an incredible 72 titles.  When combining all titles, the conference holds 208 national championships in sports and academics combined.

While there are many great programs, it is my opinion that the SEC is the greatest conference.


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