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"freeD" To Free Sports Of Replay Restrictions

The Yankees got it first, the Cowboys get it in their first home game against the Giants (let’s go Manning!) and it’s only a matter of time until Teledyne Technologies Incorporated and Replay Technologies team up to bring the revolutionary ‘freeD’ system to the NBA.

The sensational advancement in technology premiered in the MLB this April at the Yankees’ home games and was referred to as ‘YESVIEW’. In basic terms, the system records reality in a three-dimensional scene, rather than regular two dimensional video.  This will allow the production team, and I’m sure very, very soon, viewers at home, the ability to freely rome around a captured scene where no actual camera exists.

So how exactly does freeD change the game? Firstly, it is the incredible break-through in technology that sports spectators have been waiting for. Sure, cable television let’s you watch your team live. Yeah, you can even pause and rewind live games these days. But what about those family arguments on whether or not the ref got it wrong? What about the satisfaction, or in contrast, anger, knowing you were right about your player being inbounds all along? Or what if you just want to see how great Maria Sharapova looks from behind during the US Open? How you see your sports is soon to be entirely in the viewer’s control; now speaking of referees…

Who remembers Thierry Henry’s handball that led to a goal in the 2010 World Cup qualifier against Ireland? Or when Galarraga missed out on his perfect game thanks to a terrible call by first base umpire Jim Joyce? It’s hard not to remember a game Joey Crawford (NBA’s unofficial worst referee of all time) hasn’t played sixth man to a team on the court. Well ‘freeD’ can, in one way or another, eliminate the days of bad referee calls. With this cutting edge technology, there should no longer be an excuse for poor refereeing.

More than anything, this exciting new technology will be entertaining for the fans. With 3D television failing to exceed its expectations, ‘freeD’ can change the way sport is watched forever – and this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Check out ‘freeD’ here…


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