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The WWE PG Era Must End

What is this era?  Who in the hell came up with the idea to go from TV-14 rating to a PG rating?  Supercena “AKA John Cena” maybe?  Perhaps Linda McMahon when she was spending Vinny Mac’s money, $100million at that, running for political office – and she still lost twice in 4 years.

I still miss the “Attitude Era”.  I hate the PG rating, but of course I still watch as most hardcore wrestling fans do.  That said, I would much rather watch WWE as TV 14 and have some Attitude again on Monday Night Raw, to make something special happen.  I want to see blood again on Monday night.  I crave the 4-letter words and am not afraid to admit it.  I want the Stone Cold Steve Austin comeback.  I want a few shots a year on Raw making for cutting Edge TV again in the WWE, not PG lame, boring wrestling.

Maybe it’s because I grew up on ECW and the Attitude era.  I was 14 and 15 years old when the Attitude and ECW were at its peak. But remember when Raw and the WWE had some balls and had the live sex celebration with Edge and Lita in bed?  It was one of the highest rated segments in Raw history for a reason.  The Stone Cold – Mr. McMahon feud was legendary, no explanation needed.

If not for Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, the Shield and AJ Lee, the WWE is boring as hell.  My other problem with the PG-rating era is you have a PPV called Hell in the Cell the past few years.  They have had cell matches with no blood?  Am I wrong here, or should there not be some elements of gore?  Is that not what fans want?  For me it’s very, very lame and makes no sense at all.  With relatively few cage matches they have aired on PPV, Raw and Smackdown, you would think someone in WWE with half a brain would let their talent bleed in street fights, last man standing matches, and cage matches.

Phew, good to get that off my chest.  Please WWE, ditch the rating – it has got to go!

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