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A Snapshot of ECW vs. Wrestling Today

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What is missing from professional wrestling today?  Surely there’s something, right?

The first beef I have is the limited roster who can cut a good promo.  Of course there are some who are exceptions to the rule; guys like Austin Aries, C.M. Punk, Paul Heyman, and Chris Jericho are certainly all worth their weight and are great at their craft.  But that list is certainly far from long.

The ECW had it all; the great, hardcore fans that made the show the awesome promotion it was.  From the great wrestling to the hot women arriving on scene to “stir” the imagination.  It really can’t be under-appreciated.  Ahh, happy times.

So what is the WWE missing?  What do they just “not get”?  The short answer is “a lot”.  As cynical as I’m sounding, not all is bad.  The summer of 2013 has been going much better as of late with last week Mark Henry playing the fans and calling “us” all puppets.  There ya go, Mark.  We haven’t seen too many great promos out of Mark Henry over the years, but the one he gave in his return to RAW last week was outstanding.  Then there was Brock Lesnar returning and hitting an F5 on C.M. Punk.  Add to that, the announcement that Rob Van Dam is returning to the company at Money in the Bank, and  finally, some real momentum here, and the opportunity for WWE to get better as SummerSlam looms large.

So not all is bad in WWE, so what’s wrong with TNA Impact Wrestling?  “Aces and 8s” is getting really old now, and a new Sting main event mafia is here. I dont know who else they are going to get to join though?  But it’s not the way to go, TNA, and I hope we don’t see a Hulk Hogan vs Bully Ray match at the big Bound For Glory PPV.  TNA has an awesome Knockouts Division and the company uses them much better then WWE uses their Divas.  TNA has some great wrestling, but I’m scared for TNA and its future.

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