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50 Random Facts About Sir Alex Ferguson

When the legendary manager of Manchester United stepped aside, he left a legacy that may never be rivaled in English football. We bring you 50 facts about the manager. I’m sure you will be familiar with some of these, but I’m equally sure there will be some that are sure to surprise. If you are a fan of sports facts, check out my others at Random Sports Facts.

1. He was appointed Manchester United boss on 6th November 1986.

2. He won the English Title an amazing 13 times.

3. It took him 7 years at Utd to win his 1st English title.

4. In the 1998-1999 Season he won the English Title, FA Cup, and Champions League all in the same season.

5. He lost his 1st game in charge of United, 2-0 to Oxford United.

6. He was born on 31st December 1941.

7. He won the FA Cup 5 times.

8. He was the longest serving Manager in United history.

9. Has Won 38 Trophies with the Utd.

10. He signed Eric Cantona for only £1.2 million.

11. His horse Rock of Gibraltar won the 2002 2000 Guineas at Newmarket.

12. He claimed that the Champions League draw was fixed in favour of Spanish and Italian teams which resulted in a fine of 10,000 Swiss francs (£4,600) in 2003.

13. He won 3 Scottish Premier Titles.

14. Received an OBE in 1983.

15. Won the League Cup 4 times.

16. He signed Roy Keane for £3.75 million.

17. Won the Champions League twice.

18. He sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for £80 million.

19. He signed Rio Ferdinand for £30 million.

20. Won 10 Premiership Manager of the Year awards.

21. Won 27 Premiership Manager of the Month awards.

22. Has over a 59% Win percentage with Man Utd.

23. He won 4 Scottish cups.

24. He Received a CBE in 1995.

25. He has three sons.

26. His wife’s name is Cathy.

27. Was Interim Manager of Scotland for 10 games in 1985-86.

28. United has scored over 2,700 goals with him in charge.

29. Has been in charge for 1,498 games so far, and will be 1,500 at the end of his rein.

30. Scored 171 goals in his playing career.

31. Made his playing debut at the age of 16 in November 1958 for Queen’s Park.

32. His 1st Manager’s job was at East Stirling.

33. In 1999 he received a Knighthood from the Queen.

34. Michel Platini once said “He was a true visionary”.

35. Won the Cup Winners Cup once in 1990-1991.

36. Has won a total of 49 trophies as a Manager.

37. He was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2002.

38. A Bronze sculpture by Philip Jackson is outside Old Trafford.

39. Juan Veron was a total disaster buy at a massive £28.1 million.

40. His 1st win for United was a 1-0 win at Home to QPR.

41. Paid only £500.000 for Peter Schmeichel, a TRUE bargain!

42. His 1st English League title was in 1990-1991.

43. In 1991 he promoted Brian Kidd to be his new Assistant Manager.

44. “Fergie Time” is a football phrase the extra minutes added onto a game that would allow Man U to score an equalizing or winning goal.

45. He has been banned from the touchline 17 times.

46. Phrase “The Fergie Hairdryer” means the players are torn apart by the Manager’s words.

47. He has won 894 Games with United.

48. “Fergies Fledging’s” was a nickname for players Beckham, Scholes, Neville brothers and Nicky Butt who came into the 1st team around same time.

49. He tried to sign Alan Shearer on more than one occasion.

50. After the 1999 Champions League win against Bayern Munich he said” I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. Football, bloody hell. But they never gave in and that’s what won it”.

If you are a fan of sports facts, check out my others at Random Sports Facts.


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