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40 Completely Random Yet Amazing Golf Facts

I’m back with some more Completely Random Yet Amazing Golf Facts.  I am certain you will have come across some of these facts, but I’m also fairly certainly many will be new.  If you are a fan of sports facts, check out my others at Random Sports Facts.

1. Don’t feel bad about your high handicap, 80% of all golfers will never achieve a handicap of less than 18.

2. The word “caddy” comes from the French word for student, “cadet”, which is pronounced cad-DAY

3. Tiger Woods has won 77 PGA tournaments already.

4. The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are one in 67 million

5. The term “birdie” comes from an American named Ab Smith. While playing a round in 1899, he played what he described as a “bird of a shot”, which became “birdie” over time.

6. Jack Nicklaus won the Masters a record 6 times.

7. The world’s first ever golf tournament for women was held on New Year’s Day in 1811 at Musselburgh

8. Tiger Woods is 6’ 1” tall.

9. The longest recorded drive on an ordinary course is one of 515 yards by Michael Hoke Austin of Los Angeles, California, in the US National Seniors Open Championship at Las Vegas, Nevada on September 25, 1974

10. A Putt Measured at 140 feet and 2 3/4 inches on the 18th at St. Andrews was sunk by Bob Cook in the International Fourball Pro Am Tournament on October 1, 1976

11. The Solheim Cup is the Women’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup.

12. The highest golf course in the world is the Tactu Golf Club in Morococha, Peru, which sits 14,335 feet above sea level at its lowest point

13. John Hudson, a 25 year old professional, achieved a near miracle when he holed two consecutive holes-in-one at the 11th and 12th holes (195 yards and 311 yards respectively) in the 1971 Martini Tournament at Norwich, England

14. In March, 1961, Lou Kretlow got the longest hole-in-one at the 427 yards 16th hole at Lake Hefner course, Oklahoma City, USA

15. The driver swing speed of an average lady golfer is 62mph; 96mph for an average LPGA professional; 84mph for an average male golfer; 108mph for an average PGA Tour player; 130mph for Tiger Woods; 148-152mph for a national long drive champion

16. Phil Mickelson, who plays left-handed, is actually right handed. He learned to play golf by mirroring his father’s golf swing, and he has used left handed golf clubs ever since.

17. Arnold Palmer won 95 Professional tournaments.

18. 125,000 golf balls a year are hit into the water at the famous 17th hole of the Stadium Course at Sawgrass

19. The largest bunker in the world is Hell’s Half Acre on the 585-yard 7th hole of the Pine Valley Course in New Jersey

20. Tiger Woods holds the record at -18 for the US Masters.

21. Adam Scott was the 2013 US Masters Champion.

22. The longest putt ever is a monstrous 375 feet

23. Seve Ballesteros won over 90 international tournaments.

24. Harry Vardon won the British open 6 times

25. There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball.

26. Nick Faldo scored 25 Ryder cup points in his career.

27. A typical Golf course consists of 18holes.

28. St Andrews Golf Course was established in 1552.

29. Sergio Garcia won his 1st PGA golf tournament aged 21.

30. 3 shots under par on a hole is called an Albatross or Double Eagle.

31. Ernie Els is nicknamed “The Big Easy”.

32. Nick Faldo won the US masters 3 times.

33. Tom Watson won the British open 5 times.

34. Stewart Cink is 6’ 4” tall.

35. Ian Woosnam only won 1 Major tournament – the 1991 US masters.

36. Rory Mcllroy won the 2011 US open at -16, winning by 8 shots.

37. Tiger Woods has won over $100million and counting in prize money – unreal!

38. Arnold Palmer was nicknamed “The King”.

39. 3 shots over par on a hole is called a Triple bogey.

40. Most Clubs broken or thrown in the bushes in a day is?  That would be quite an expensive stat!


If you are a fan of sports facts, check out my others at Random Sports Facts.

photo credit: Keith Allison via photopin cc


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