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Quick Slant: Inflation, Kudos, Going Blind and a Match Made in Heaven?

The NFL is a smorgasbord of awesome storylines.  Some are analytical, others are critical, and some are just down right stupid.  It’s the stupid ones I live for – they make my day.  Welcome to Quick Slant.  I created this column as my way of sharing with you the headlines from around the NFL that I feel are most interesting.  I try to offer my own take on the story in as few words as possible – some of us have a wife, kids and a job and don’t have time to read 5000+ word novels!  So, without further ado, I give you today’s version of Quick Slant:

image005The Packers are set to announce a deal with Aaron Rodgers making him the highest paid quarterback in history.  Can we stop saying, “in history”?  Of course whoever is currently being paid the most at the time will be the highest paid in history – it’s called inflation.  Sorry, small pet peeve……Osi Umenyiora has claimed the Dirty Birds are the most talented team – perhaps in Georgia, yes. Coincidentally his comments came soon after he signed for the Falcons……The Patriots signed WR Michael Jenkins to replace 63-year old Deion Branch – it looks like Branch will now be returning kicks……The Ravens have replaced Ed Reed with Michael Huff. Huff earns brownie points for shutting up and being humble. Believe me, throwing Kudos to a Ravens player made me just swallow my own vomit……Mike Wallace‘s dad was candid in telling media about the Vikings offering up more than the Dolphins ended up paying.  The decision came down to three things; Minnesota is too cold, Wallace is a deep sea fishing aficionado, and he’s trying to get LeBron‘s autograph……Is it just me or do you see a headline about the Steelers interested in Ahmad Bradshaw?  Not saying it’s a bad deal (but it probably is – does Bradshaw even have real feet and ankles left?) just not sure why the fuss.  Then again, I’ve just taken up 60 precious words discussing it.  My bad…….David Akers is reportedly visiting the Detroit Lions. Now that is a match made in heaven……I’ll leave you with another WTF moment. So, Michael Crabtree is claiming he was hit so hard during the Superbowl that he couldn’t see.  He says it’s not like a concussion though, and happens all the time in football.  He said his vision didn’t come back to the next snap. Maybe that’s what has been happening to Mark Sanchez!


That does it for today.  Check back tomorrow and I’ll have sifted through the day’s headlines and give you what you need to know.

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