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Post Fight Wrap: Future Implications coming out of UFC 158

What started out as one of the slowest events of the 2013 UFC fight calendar quickly turned into one of the most exciting fight cards of the year. What really stuck out for me personally from UFC 158, was the fall-out and future implications that came out as a result.

I decided I would take a look at the future implications would be for some of the more noteworthy fighters on the card of UFC 158 after last night’s event in Montreal.

Rick Story is on his way back! I’ve always liked Story, as I feel like he comes out to fight every time he enters the cage – not to win, not to lose, but to fight. After a bit of a spotty record in his last four fights (1-3), he came out and laid a beating down on Quinn Mulhern. I don’t see the guy ever being a major title contender, but he should be back on the main card by this time next year. Next Opponent: Jordon Mein

Patrick Cote just doesn’t have the same edge. When Cote first came into the UFC he didn’t always win, but his fights were exciting as hell. Ever since the injury he suffered in the Anderson Silva fight, and his lay-off from the UFC, he just hasn’t had the “predators instinct”. While he won last night, I don’t know how long we will see Cote in the UFC for. Next Opponent: Nate Marquardt

Mike Ricci isn’t ready to fight with the Lightweights. Ricci v. Fletcher was one of the more boring fights of the night. I think both fighters showed that they could use a little retooling in the gym, and try to dial-up the excitement factor a little bit. This fight really should have been on the under-card, and I think that’s where both of these fighters will find themselves if they don’t find a way to pick it up a bit in the future.  Fight for blood, not for a win. Next opponent: Mark Bocek

Nick Ring and Chris Camozzi = bathroom match. Listening to Joe Rogan go on about how “fast” Nick Ring last night made me want to stick ice picks in my ears. Nick Ring looked about as fast as an elephant turd, and Camozzi had about as much fight in him as my 96-year old grandmother. This fight was boring and slow the whole way through, and I’d be happy to see neither of these fighters in the UFC again. Next Opponent for either: my 96-year old grandmother

What is up Jake Ellenberger?! I don’t think the ruthless knock-out handed down by Ellenberger was as impressive as the fact that it was laid down on a generally tough opponent like Nate Marquardt. Ellenberger has always been one of those guys that I’ve felt we should watch-out for, but I think he handed out a notice to everyone watching last night that he deserves to matched-up against the top in the welterweight division. Next opponent: Nick Diaz

Nate Marquardt sans PED’s. See kids, this is what happens when you don’t have PED’s to help you grind it out in the octagon. Next opponent: my 96-year old grandmother

Carlos Condit is the new championship gate-keeper: If you want a shot at the title in the welterweight division, moving forward Carlos Condit is the man you need to beat. One of the most well-rounded in the game, he’s great to watch – I just don’t think he has it to be champ. Next opponent: Josh Koscheck

Johny Hendricks deserves his shot. After watching last night’s match-up between Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit, I really feel like Hendricks deserves a title shot. He put together a well-rounded attack against a tough fighter in Carlos Condit, making me believe that he was more than a one-trick pony. He’s starting to remind me of a mini-Dan Henderson. At this point I am honestly excited to see him fight GSP for the title. Next opponent: Georges St. Pierre

Nick Diaz really is a bitch. Diaz lost straight up, and and after the fight I really thought he was taking the higher road and being the bigger man (when he raised GSP’s arm). Listening every subsequent interview made me realize what a child Diaz is. After every fight he loses, he doesn’t vow to come back better, he decides to retire – which he really should just do and shut up about it (that is if he isn’t forced into retirement for tax evasion). He says he should have another shot at GSP (because he really will beat him next time), or that he could match-up well against Anderson Silva – put down the bong and get a grip on reality, Cheech. I like Diaz and think he’s a great fighter, he just isn’t good enough to where the belt with GSP sitting on the throne – plain and simple. Win some fights and then you can start dictating terms. Next opponent: Jake Ellenbger (accept it Nick, you don’t deserve another title shot)

GSP will continue to do what he does… oh, and by the way – he does have a chin. I really don’t think anyone should be surprised by the performance and game plan brought into the octagon by GSP last night. It was a vintage performance by the champ. GSP has never been a knock-out artist, and Diaz has a solid chin – so anyone expecting a KO from GSP last night should’ve left that expectation at the door. St. Pierre proved that he really is one of the best in the game – yes, he may be a little boring to watch at times – but, he wins every time. He put together a solid game plan and executed in fine fashion. Oh, and for all those naysayers who continue to say that GSP has no chin – did you not see the guys face after the fight? Yes, he was KO’d by Matt Serra… but, since that fight the guy has shown that he has an epic chin and he deserves more credit for that (re: Fitch, Condit, and Diaz). I really think Hendricks is going to present more problems for GSP than Diaz ever did. Next opponent: Johny Hendricks

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