2012 NFL Draft: Sleepers and Surprises

There have been plenty of articles on the web analysing teams’ needs and who drafted well and who didn’t and so forth and so on. I was going to attempt to write something like that, when I realized NFL football ended almost three months ago and I have no recollection of who was good in what areas and who needs help where. (Note to self: next year, write this stuff down during the season). So here are just a few quick impressions from someone who watches a lot of college football and attempts to follow the NFL in the offseason.

Steals: I thought the Giants might be interested in LSU WR Reuben Randle at #32. I would never have imagined that he would be sitting there for them at #63; everything I read before the draft had Randle as a late 1st-early 2nd pick. He should be a nice replacement for Mario Manningham.

I realize he’s had injury issues, but if you had told me in 2010 that Nebraska DE Jared Crick wouldn’t be taken until the end of the 4th round, I would have said you were insane.  If he can stay healthy, he’s a difference-maker for Houston.

I only caught a couple of Arkansas games, so I’m not sure about his skills as a WR, but Joe Adams could prove to be a steal for his special-teams skills alone. If you haven’t seen his punt return against Tennessee this past season have a look! Smart move by the Panthers in the 4th round.


I’ll throw this in for Ben, S Ron Brooks may have been a backup at LSU, but an ESPN the Magazine article estimates that he would have started at “98% of D-I schools”. Nice pick by the Bills.

WTF Moments:

Did Dontari Poe try to kiss Commissioner Goodell?  Really?

The person who prank called Mohammad Sanu in the first round and told him he was about to be picked should be ashamed of himself.  Its not right to play with a kid’s emotions on draft day and give him false information that he’s a first rounder.  Unfortunately Sanu would have to wait over 24 more hours to be picked in the third round.

In the 3rd round, Jacksonville takes… a punter?  Really, a punter?  With all their needs they couldn’t have got a punter in the 6th or 7th round?

It’s hard to WTF the Patriots, but their 2nd-round pick had a draft grade, according to ESPN.com, of 32. The players drafted before and after him were graded 73 and 86 respectively. According to Ben, who was texting me draft picks at my cousin’s wedding, the guys on NFL Network were basically speechless and had almost no information on the kid. Tavon Wilson couldn’t have been had a round or two later? The Pats do know Al Davis died, right?

The Browns draft Brandon Weeden. Colt McCoy, we hardly knew ye.

The Redskins take 2 QBs in the first 4 rounds. They reeeeeally don’t trust Rex Grossman.

The Jets took Robert Griffin from Baylor in the 6th round, bet you didn’t know there were two Robert Griffins at Baylor.

… and that is the last word.