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Pro Bowl: Will It Stay or Will It Go?

Ever since January 15, 1939, the NFL in some way or another has held a Pro Bowl-type game after the conclusion of the regular season (with the exception of 1943-1950). Unfortunately, due to lack of real effort, there’s a real good chance that the Pro Bowl becomes cancelled at the conclusion of this coming season.

If you have ever watched the Pro Bowl, you would understand the lack of effort of which I am speaking. To make matters worse, there are extra rules that are enforced during the Pro Bowl specifically, which are apparently were put in place to lessen the chance of injury.  Due to these circumstances, the Pro Bowl has become a very lackluster game to watch. There is no pass-rush whatsoever, and the tackling is very poor. Many people no longer watch this game since it is not very exciting; the only real reason to watch now would be to see the big names like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. Something needs to be changed in order to once again make this game watchable. Even Aaron Rodgers said last year that some of his NFC teammates “embarrassed themselves” with the effort they gave in the game.

Another idea would be to make a weekend out of the event, similar to that of the NBA. Instead of having just the all-star Pro Bowl game, there could be multiple events throughout the weekend that the players could be involved in culminating in the big game on the Sunday afternoon. Some examples might include a QB accuracy competition where quarterbacks have to hit certain targets as fast as possible.  Another is a RB obstacle course they have to complete as quickly as possible.  And perhaps a WR/DB, one-on-one drill to see who can come up with the ball. Obviously, these are just random ideas I’m throwing out there, but the NFL must do something in order to regain the energy that the game once had many years ago.

Let’s assume for a minute that the game does get cancelled, the league would still need to create two teams in order to praise those players who excelled during the year.  Would they then be merely figurative, existing solely on paper?  Further, some players have bonuses in their contracts that they receive if they are chosen for the Pro Bowl, which is another reason why the league would still need to pick the two respective teams.

What do you think the league should do with the Pro Bowl?  I think you will agree that it will not last with the way it is currently being played.  Please leave suggestions below.

…and that is the last word.


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