Peyton Manning in Jeopardy


NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi is reporting that Peyton Manning underwent a third surgery on Thursday morning.  He is also speculating this surgery could delay his recovery 10-12 weeks.  He believes that if his recovery is in fact delayed this long that the Colts may decide to IR the all-star QB, ending his season.

How would the team respond to this development?  We all know about the Colts superstars: Wayne, Clark, Freeney, Mathis, Saturday.  But without Manning do these guys play like superstars anymore?  More importantly, do the Colts have the depth that will be able to step up in Manning’s absence?

The answer here is emphatic: No.  Kerry Collins has been washed up for years and simply will not give his team a chance to compete.  The offensive line is strong at pass-blocking with Manning behind center, but Collins simply cannot get rid of the ball as quickly as Manning.  The running game has not be effective in years.  And possibly the biggest factor is the style of defense they have. They are built to have the lead and rush the passer.  Although not dominant they are effective at this.  How will the defense respond when they are behind and teams are pounding them with the run game?

I don’t see how the Colts can complete with the Texans and maybe even the Titans all season long without Manning.

… and thats the Last Word



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