Labour day Classique?


Hey, just a quick update.

I am off for the annual Labour Day Classic at Ivor Wynne. But, can it be called a “classic” with such a glaring problem with the bill? For more about the travesty please scoll down and read Carl’s article about how the CFL dropped the ball on Hamilton, pardon the pun.

Anyway, I will turn the other cheek on the error and do what I do best…have a blast watching Hamilton Tiger-Cats beat up on someone, and in this case, the Alouettes. Oh yeah, and tailgating.

For those who don’t know, tailgating is an important part of the gameday experience…duh! If you live south of the border it is a way of life passed from father to son (okay, mothers and daughters, too). Here, not so much, but we at L and L Tailgating (hit me up in a pm for details) are doing what we can to change that.

So, whether the double blue or blue and red come out of the opposing tunnel, I will cheer nonetheless.

Oh yeah, fix this CFL! I won’t take it next year!

And that is the last word!


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