Transfer Day in the EPL


Hey all… just a quick update because I will be making several today.

As I proudly wear my Gunners-Gear (no comments about last weekends match vs. MANUre) I feel a sense of, well, urgency is the best word I can use. If we can agree that Man United, Chelsea and Man City are all but locks for first through third place in the table, that leaves my beloved Arsenal, Tottenham, and Liverpool fighting for the final Champions League spot for next season. That does NOT bode well for me. Liverpool definitely look stronger under Kenny D along with Suarez (why the beep is he not in the starting lineup more consistently? I digress….). As far as Arsenal and Spurs go, they both seem to have a big Transfer Closing Day. I expect them to overpay, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil.

And for now, that’s the last word.


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