Football 2 Futbol: 2015 College Football Season Preview


Today, we headline with our 2015 College Football Season Preview.

Well here it is, the moment any NCAA Football fan has been waiting for, the start of the 2015 College season has already started and the first Saturday games are basically upon us. This is our 2015 College Football Season Preview.

Sean, Gary, and Randy are joined by two guys that certainly know their football and currently write or have written for websites in the past, Brandon Clapp​, and Kevin Williams​.

Randy guides the guys through the conferences as they pick division and conference winners. Then everyone joins in for College Football Playoff picks and of course choosing the eventual 2015 College Football champion.

We also discuss some of the games that happened on Thursday and Friday, pick some of the games happening on the weekend and pick some possible Heisman Trophy winners too.

We will be back on Monday morning with another podcast featuring our 2015 NFL Season Preview.

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Sean Garmer: is a crazy mix of Arkansas, Venezuela, and Texas all rolled into one. He studied Journalism at the University of North Texas and hopes to one day be able to return to finish his degree. Having been born in Arkansas, his favorite college team is the Arkansas Razorbacks, but all of his professional loves come from the DFW area, where he spent 20 years of his life. Sean’s first love is soccer, which began from having an entire latino side of the family that watched the sport. It then grew into him playing soccer all the way into high school and college. He was also able to do color commentary for the University of North Texas Women’s soccer team as well. He then transitioned that into several writing gigs on various websites, including being paid to cover every game in several World Cups. Sean is an avid FC Dallas supporter and has grown to love MLS above all other soccer leagues. His second sport is a tie between American Football and Basketball. Where Sean is a diehard Cowboys and Mavericks fan respectively, but also tries to keep up with other sports as much as he can.

Gary Vaughan: is a native of North Texas. He is also a graduate of the University of North Texas with aspirations of a higher level of education. Like a majority of Texans, football is his sports passion. Ironically, his passion for the game sparked from his love of Madden 98. From that point on he has poured hours into studying NFL history and game film. Gary is a student of the game and is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan. His second sport is hockey, followed up by the rest of the American sports scene.

Randy Isbelle: is a New York American sports fan stuck in the Pacifc Northwest. Randy is a former writer for a few sports websites and he was also a co-founder of the Coast 2 Coast Sports Report podcast. He now splits his time between watching sports, playing video games and being a father.