Shawn Thornton Leaves Brooks Orpik Unconscious and Motionless


***SEE POLL BELOW***  Also, we have both the video of the Thornton hit AND the Neal hit

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik left Saturday’s game  against the Boston Bruins in the first period on a stretcher after being knocked to the ice and punched in the face repeatedly by Bruins forward Shawn Thornton, in what some are calling “another Todd Bertuzzi incident.”

The play occurred at 11:06 in the first period after Penguins forward James Neal was called for kneeing on Brad Marchand. Marchand was kneeling on the ice when Neal drove his knee into his head as he passed him. The Boston Bruins forward remained in the game.

As the referees were conversing with Penguins players explaining the reasoning behind the penalty, Thornton approached the group and deliberately slew-footed Orpik’s leg, throwing him to the ice.

Thornton then proceeded to repeatedly punch Orpik’s face while he was lying motionless on the ice, leaving him unconscious. A stretcher escorted Orpik off the ice and he was sent to a local hospital immediately.

Earlier in the period, Orpik knocked Bruins forward Loui Erikkson out of the game with a high hit. No penalty was called on the play despite Erikkson not having complete control of the puck at the point of contact. Thornton attempted to initiate Orpik into a fight seconds later, but was refused.

Thornton received a match penalty for his unsuspecting onslaught on Orpik. Brendan Shanahan will certainly have his fair share of criticism if he doesn’t handle this one properly!

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  1. anyone who voted 15+ is high as fuck. would have never happened had orpik owned up to his cheapshot hit on erikson. and if that gets 15 what does neal get for his knee to head?

  2. We all voted 15 games you fuckin dough head did you watch the brutal attack it’s not about what Orpik did this is not a fight brutal he should get 20 games ++

  3. We all voted 15 games you fuckin dough head did you watch the brutal attack it’s not about what Orpik did this is not a fight brutal he should get 20 games ++

  4. you seem to forget that scuffle happened because neal knee’d brad in the head. they need to be held accountable for their actions on ice not by the league

  5. Bullshit, no knee to the head calls for off-whistle retaliation. I expect retaliation, I don’t expect to get suckerpunched while talking to the referee. Man up and take your shot during a play.

    That should be half the fucking season for Thornton in a jail cell, and Neal should get 5 for the knee on principle, since he did such a good job of selling it as an accident.

  6. Yes, Neal needs to be held accountable. Orpik doesn’t deserve to be assaulted while hes not watching. As I said earlier, if that was outside a bar hed have been arrested for assault.

  7. A knee to Marchand’s head when he wasn’t looking after being tripped is the exact same thing as the hit from Thornton on Orpik. The only difference is that Marchand wasn’t knocked unconscious. However, he very easily could have been! They both deserve to be punished for their actions! A fist to the head, a knee to the head, same thing!!!

    • I am a Pens fan from the ‘burgh who agrees that Neal deserves to be suspended a few games. However not even close to what Thornton did to Orpik. For every game Neal gets Thornton deserves ten.

  8. If brooks would have defended himself for the cheap shot he took on that little man that would nt have happened….but that’s why Pittsburg sucks full of cheap shot gutless cowards

    • He flopped?

      Hell of a job… to fake being unconcious and to be taken out on a stretcher.

      And why? Hes a top pairing d. Thornton is a fourth line goon. Why take himself out of the game to get thornton thrown out and suspended. Who cares? Thornton is crap anyway.

      This is the dumbest argument ever.

  9. Why are you all upset with Thornton? Because he was violent? Orpik has been a wrecking ball his entire career. He nearly paralyzed Erik Cole. Well that’s violence too and if the refs and the league won’t reign Orpik in, then it was up to Thornton to do it. Eye for an eye, concussion for concussion.

  10. Please, after he’s brought to the ice gently his head doesn’t even hit the ice, and you’re telling me a couple of punches to the helmet concussed him? He ****ing put a concussion up for sale and you all bought it. What a complete pussy and fake. This is the biggest joke of the season.

    You cheap shot a player, you answer for it. Instead the coward fakes an injury. I can’t wait to play the penguins again.

  11. Hey “Ben Kerr” don’t you get it ? After the Academy Award performance he pulled on the ice he HAS to go on the IR . How would it look if he played next game or even a game in the next week after those theatrics? So this shows how much of a coward Orpik he is — he won’t answer for his hit and stand for himself . Instead he is bafrely touched , goes down, DOES NOT HIS HEAD, Thornton’s punches glance off his shield .No direct hits to the head yet he is Concussed and on the IR??? Doesn’t make sense … I am totally calling Orpik out on this.

    • Yes, top pairing defencemen usually go to these great lengths just to get fourth liners suspended. And the doctors who diagnosed him with a concussion went along with it.

      This is the dumbest conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard.

  12. Watch the second video. Orpik’s head didn’t hit the ice. There was one decent punch that glanced off of his face shield. The second punch didn’t even connect. Either Thornton punches twice as hard as Tyson in his prime or Orpik faked it. It’s obvious Orpik flopped and sold this KO. What a puss.

    • Is that your advanced medical knowledge talking.

      Read up on concussions and get back to me. Now you are just pulling shit out of your ass.

      The placement of a punch is more important than pure power in generating a concussion.

  13. Opik is a coward, plain and simple. Thorton approached him twice to fight, and Orpik cowered and ran. He is a wussy and thank god he’s going to be gone from our penguin team soon.


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