Bruins fans need to stop Bruins fans from racist Subban remarks



Last night, the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Boston Bruins 2-1 at the Bell Centre. The win pushed the Canadiens to first place in the Atlantic division, despite Boston having played two games less.

While the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins are a great hockey story, it’s unfortunate that in every single match-up between these two teams, a darker story seems to lurk up from the ice floor. Despite not receiving a point in the game, Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban was one of the most often mentioned players in the game on Twitter.

Now, not all of the tweets were inflammatory. Most expressed anger at his alleged slewfoots, his attitude on the ice, if he was good enough to win the Norris, his on-ice play in the game and if he belongs on Team Canada. The next level goes to people calling Subban a “bitch”. Now I understand where most are coming from on this. They are saying it because he doesn’t drop the gloves, especially against Bruin favourite Brad Marchand. However, it at times went one step further:

Here’s the problem with this tweet, and many similar. @Tommy_Charette is trying to insult Subban by calling him a woman. Being a woman is not an insult. Nor is it an insult for anyone to play for the Women’s National team. This really needs to stop. I don’t care if women don’t play NHL hockey. There’s a thousand ways to show disapproval for Subban. A gendered insult should not be one of them. Unfortunately, this is not the most common insult directed toward Subban. Over a dozen of which were directed towards the colour of his skin. Now remember, the Boston Bruins drafted P.K’s brother Malcom and currently have Jarome Iginla on their first line. Willie O’Ree, the first black hockey player played for the Boston Bruins. He received a slew of racism from fans in the audience. This was in the late 50s. 50 years later, it’s now Bruins fans directing it towards Subban.



And I’ll finish with the worst of them (which has been since deleted but I screenshotted):

I didn’t see any Boston Bruins fans calling them out at the time (though we hope there was and we just missed it) but if you saw such tweets and didn’t I’ll direct this to you: tell them to stop. If you have any respect for yourself as a Bruins fan, the team that let Willie O’Ree skate for you, stand up. It ain’t gonna make you a P.K. Subban fan. It isn’t going to show disrespect to the team. Do you want Malcolm Subban to succeed? Think of what he’s going to think when your fans are saying that to his brother. Think of Iginla, do you think he respects you for saying that?

If you see these posts on your Twitter feed, call them out. Not just Subban. If it’s directed towards Iginla, Malcolm, Wayne Simmonds, Seth Jones, it doesn’t matter. Show that racism doesn’t belong in the National Hockey League. It’s tough enough that a great city like Boston has an unfortunate reputation for racism, but if you allow people like these guys to represent you? Sorry, you deserve it. You’ve just allowed a minority of racist hockey fans speak for you.

Montreal vs. Boston should be about hockey. Help make it be about that again.

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  1. I’ve seen so many disgusting Tweets from Habs Fans Lastnight.Hoping Paralysis on Boychuk.Hoping the Bruins get killed in a Bus Accident.Hoping Chara gets shot in the Face.Hoping another Tragedy in Boston.I can go on and on.You Guys are always so quick to point the Finger or dial 911.Give Me a break.It’s not a Boston thing.It’s not a Montreal thing.It’s the World We live in.So go write a Article about how disturbing and Racist PEOPLE are.It’s a People Problem.

    • I personally told one Habs fan (that I saw) that he was an idiot for wishing more Bruins went out on stretchers… . and I saw a lot of Habs fans do the same.

      When we looked at the message history under these tweets, when the article was written, there was no bruins fans calling them out on the stupidity. Thats a difference I see.

      • But you didn’t say anything to the one who said he wished the Bruins bus would burn and they’d all die? and your twitter history doesn’t seem to show you saying anything to Habs fans wishing paralysis on Boychuk or any of the other hate filled comments I’m sure were made. Hmm sounds like you’re making shit up on the fly if you ask me.

        • Did I see that one?

          I personally didn’t.

          I’m one person, i can only respond to so many. THe ones I did see I responded to.

          Thats all Aaron is asking… if you see a tweet like this from someone, tell them why they shouldn’t be such an idiot. You don’t have to round up every single person on twitter.

    • I agree totally ,There are always a few bad apples in the basket that make the rest of us look bad.They need to grow up and realize the damage and the hurt they cause.

    • None are racially oriented…that’s the difference…as Montreal natives, we genuinely hate boston and vice-versa. Boston targets Subban because he’s black…that’s different. We hate you guys because you play dirty and whine afterwards.

  2. This article is such a joke. You’re not helping anything by giving these ******* a platform for people to see their tweets. You’re just as much a part of the problem as they are. No one is gonna stop racist ******* from being racist *******. Also if you think Bruins “fans” (cause let’s be real, we all know they’re not actually fans) are the only ones to ever make racist comments you’re a ****** idiot. If you know what’s best for the issue and for the people, you’ll delete this garbage article and write something that isn’t full of garbage, fluff and asinine comments.

      • No one said ignore the issue. He said that no one else is giving these racist “fans” any kind of exposure, so why should you? And personally, I agree. All you’re doing is offering a place for these kinds of tweets to be seen. Those people have a few followers who likely share their ideologies (or else they should’t be following them)- their tweets have absolutely no weight anywhere. By putting them on a site that people see, you’re giving them publicity. Now everyone is seeing their ignorant and bigoted point of view. And why has this been made a Bruins fan base issue? Racism exists as a HUMAN ISSUE. This is so much bigger than hockey and your writers have used this article as a means to disparage Bruins fans and act like they’re the only ones capable of making racist remarks. News flash buddy, the Habs have racist fans too. So does every other team in every other league in the world. Calling out a single fan base is just being a petty homer who’s looking for any excuse to talk trash about a team they hate. If you think this article is anything but a way for a Habs fan to try and justify trashing an entire fan base, you’re a lot more of a dimwitted imbecile than I originally thought.

          • Hahah ok, Ben. Keep putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say ignore the issue, but if you’re going to address the issue, ADDRESS THE WHOLE ISSUE- not one completely biased side of it. Is that a little easier for you to understand?

          • We’ve addressed racism, bigotry and homophobia in a number of articles….. if you check our archives you can find them.

            This was an incident that happened LAST NIGHT… so it is TODAY’S ARTICLE.

            When a fan threw a banana at Simmonds we addressed it.
            When fans criticized Brian Burke for marching in the Gay pride parade, we addressed it.
            When Tim Thomas supported Chik-Fil-A’s homophobic stance, we addressed it.
            When Kris Barch was suspended for racist remarks on the ice, we addressed it.

            You are pretending like this is the only article every written by this site on such matters, and its not.

      • Wow, you’re a pretty bad reader, eh? I thought it was pretty clear- don’t pretend bruins fans are the only ones. I’m a Caps fan and I’ve heard other Caps fans make racist comments. I’ve heard fans of other teams make racist comments. If you’re gonna try to be a white knight against racism, then attack ALL racism, not just 3 or 4 idiots on twitter who happen to be Bruins fans. This is such selective journalism

        • Jake,

          There is no pretending it was just Bruins fans. Not once do I state that. What I do say, is that Boston is a great city. What I do say is that this is a city where Willie O’Ree wore a Bruins sweater and endured racism. What I did say is that Malcolm Subban is a prospect of the Bruins and Jarome Iginla currently plays for the Bruins. And even with theses truths, there are Bruins fans making disgusting racial remarks towards P.K. Subban and it’s not being called out. Or called out enough.

          I wasn’t writing an article about every instance of racism in hockey, or sports for that matter. It was very specific. Boston Bruins fans need to start calling out Boston Bruins fans for racism. That’s it. I’ll be more than happy to write an article when they do. I’m actually looking forward to it.

      • Yes, a bunch of morons throwing around slurs is such a terrible issue.

        Reminds me of the BS in German soccer. Throwing bananas onto the field and making monkey noises was fine when Oliver Kahn was an active goalie there. But when a black player was on the field and folks in the stands did that, it cause a huge scandal. What’s the difference? It’s only bad calling a black guy a monkey? Who decided that?

        It shows again that the whiners even dumber than the idiots who use the slurs.

        PS: both sides are guilty of sticking to the unscientific idea of “race”.

        • I can’t believe how people thinks it’s wrong to write an article about something that is so wrong… It’s a society problem that need to be adressed. The more we talk and acknowledge the situation the better it is.
          Someone had a point Malcolm subban is a prospect for the bruins. What will it be when he will start playing and situation like those happening to his older brother happens to him. No one will say anything again??? It’s outrageaous and shameful.
          Raising awareness in difficult topics is an important think to do in our society. Should happen more often.

    • Alex,

      Racism stays prevalent when it isn’t looked down upon. The purpose of the article is for Boston Bruins fans (ones in which you’d consider to be “real” fans) to start calling out the racists and show they are not going to stand for their fanbase to be tarnished.

      Nowhere do I say the Bruins are the only “racist” team. That’s a ridiculous statement. But just because others are being racist doesn’t mean Boston fans can’t clean it out of their own organization. I mean, did you even understand why I mentioned Willie O’Ree? The Bruins were the team that broke the racial barrier in the NHL. And now fans are attacking P.K. Subban the same way O’Ree was attacked in the other five arenas. That’s why this disturbed me enough to write an article.

      Bruins fans have an opportunity to make a real statement on racism and that being a part of Bruins Nation means racism is not tolerated. I’m not seeing that. I want to. And as I said in a different comment, I’ll be the first to write about it when they start. Stop looking at what other fanbases are doing and clean your own up of the minority that you’ve allowed to represent you.

  3. Now I understand that using racist terms is derogatory, but come on, wishing death upon the bruins? Permanent injury on boychuk? That’s just wrong.

  4. “Being a woman is not an insult”

    I understand you’re trying to be a white knight and stand up for women, but this is just a stupid comment. Most men ARE insulted to be called a woman, just like most women would be insulted to be called a man. You’re not going to change that anytime soon no matter how much of a champion you think you are for women’s rights.

    The fact that you equate a “gendered insult” to Subban being called a slave/n*gger is ridiculous.

  5. Wow I can’t believe that rather than deal with the real issue racism in the NHL people are nit picking the little issues. Really Shelby we are going to complain about the gender insult but the racist tweets hardly get a mention? Seriously Alex bringing awareness to a serious issue is going to hinder not help? The issue here regardless of who you cheer for or whether or not you like a player is nobody wants to see a serious injury and no one regardless of race, gender, religion, etc should have to deal with racist, sexist, etc tweets.

  6. This article is not about what habs fans do and don’t do. This is about Bruins fans writin racist and sexist tweets. They could make one about Habs fans but this one is about Bruins fans. Don’t try to change topics guys -_-

    With that being said, stay classy Boston and keep calling people the N-word. It just reinforces how the rest of the league sees your fan base.

  7. Puts its ok for Habs fans to wear Afros and paint their faces black. Oh and lets not forget where banana throwing started, yep in montreal at Kevin Weaks. Languages Bigots to protest an English speaking coach. Buddy fix your yard first.

    • Did those happen last night or years ago.

      And people were called out at the time they happened.

      Two wrongs don’t make a right, and while disgusting things happened in the past, those people were shamed. Doesn’t stop shaming today.

      • Swept under the carpet. Quebec is one of the most racist provinces in Canada, you know that and so do Anglos and Allo’s so please. As for living in the past isn’t that what habs fans do, but only when its convenient.

        • So your response is that other people are racist so this is okay?

          Even though you don’t realize that the anglo/allo/franco definitions are not race, and thus can not be racism? Bigotry? sure. Racism? No.

          • So racism is only based on skin color or nationality, geographic location or male and female or all of these ? Just so I am clear on what hairs we are going to split.

          • Racism, bigotry, sexism- they’re no different. It’s hatred based on a fact of biology that is uncontrollable by the person themselves. The fact that you’re trying to say one form of hate is significantly different than another shows what kind of person you are. Regardless, there is no excuse for you to suggest that racism is a fan base issue, or even a sport issue. Racism, bigotry, and prejudiced hatred are a HUMAN issue. They exist in much deeper areas than a game. Yet, you still publish an article that attempts to make racism the problem of one select group of people- the people that happen to be the rival of your favorite team. To be a good leader you must get rid of all biases and personal opinions, Mr. Kerr. I get that you’re a passionate Habs fan. But try to remember there are bigger issues than hockey and rivalries and your own personal grudges.

          • We’ve addressed racism, bigotry and homophobia in a number of articles….. if you check our archives you can find them.

            This was an incident that happened LAST NIGHT… so it is TODAY’S ARTICLE.

            When a fan threw a banana at Simmonds we addressed it.
            When fans criticized Brian Burke for marching in the Gay pride parade, we addressed it.
            When Tim Thomas supported Chik-Fil-A’s homophobic stance, we addressed it.
            When Kris Barch was suspended for racist remarks on the ice, we addressed it.
            When the tweets were made at Joel Ward, we addressed it.
            We have highlighted racism in european soccer.

            When Tom Daley came out as bi-sexual we praised him for breaking down barriers.
            When Jason Collins came out as gay, we praised him too.

            You are pretending like this is the only article every written by this site on such matters, and its not.

            This site has always been, and will always be against hate speech whether it be racism, bigotry or homophobia. Part of being against those things is understanding what they are.

            As long as I am an admin here, this site will always, ALWAYS, take pride in that. No matter who says it.

  8. I agree with you 100%. Racist comments are evil and people should speak up against them when they see them. But when you make your case while publishing a Montreal fan wishing death upon the entire Bruins team, your point loses a lot of its punch.

  9. It’s really disturbing how many people here are saying they would never use those words or they are completely against them, but then say “That’s how it’s always been, that’s how it’ll always be.” Condoning racism and misogyny is just as bad as being misogynist or racist yourself.

  10. One more thing or maybe three and I am done.
    I am sure people would have called them out but since they did not use any Hastags #bruins #habs and don’t have a million followers no one saw them except for you. So my assumption is you just follow a few bad apples and paint us all with one big brush.

    Also, am I to understand that telling someone (any Race ) to go play on a Women’s diving team is racist or cause it was said to a black person so basically anything we say now to black people maybe considered Racist?. We all laughed when Plekanec said ” I am playing like a little girl”, did you run to your PC and write a blog about Sexism or did you think it was funny or simply did nothing?

    One more thing before I move on, by saying the racist incidents in Montreal in the past were dealt with is wrong cause racism is still present in sport. So Montreal has done nothing to protect others in the NHL or any other sport against racism or is it only your goal to protect PK and maybe get a tweet from him ?

    • “Also, am I to understand that telling someone (any Race ) to go play on a Women’s diving team is racist or cause it was said to a black person so basically anything we say now to black people maybe considered Racist?.”

      No… that is not racist, it is sexist.

      It assumes that taking a man and calling him a women is an insult. It is assuming that in some way women are inferior to men. It is insulting not to Subban, but to ALL WOMEN.

      Here’s an article that sums it up nicely.


      And yes incidents in the past were dealt with… the people who committed racist acts were shamed and called out for their actions. Hopefully that made them change.

      Look when a crime happens and we deal with it by arresting the criminal. The situation is dealt with. It doesn’t mean that crime will never be present in society again.

      By the same token when a person is racist and we teach them that racism is wrong. The situation is dealt with. It doesn’t mean that some different person won’t be racist in the future, and that its been irradicated in all sport, Just that this person now understands the errors of their ways.

      • First of all why does the author not reply? So as the editor when reviewing an article that was about Bruins fans making racist remarks, what has “Rumor has it Canadian woman’s national team offered Subban an Olympic tryout” has anything to do with racism because that it what its implying, its Sexist as you pointed out. Should you not have kept them separate?

        • Steve,

          I’m more than happy to reply. I have more than the LWOS job. It would certainly be nice if it was my only job.

          If you read the article, it speaks about what was said on Twitter about Subban in different levels. The first is people saying completely acceptable comments on Subban. Interesting that the first part of the article is being ignored. The second is calling him a “bitch”, which while questionable, I can see they aren’t meaning anything gendered about it (though it could be seen as such) and I’m fine with it for the most part. The third was the gendered insult and how this sort of thing needs to stop. Finally, I moved into talking about the racial slurs insults and how that’s something Bruins fans need to stop letting happen.

          It is kept separate. I wasn’t going to write two articles on it.

  11. sorry I don’t have enough time in the day to dig around on every social media outlet and call out a section of idiots that unfortunately make up every fan base in just about every sport,

    unless you would like to pay me for each person I harass and make feel bad for saying horrible things then ok I am game

    • Steve,

      I completely agree. In no way was I ever saying they were. Racism doesn’t have a preferred sports team.

      The point of the article was never to say the Bruins are racists. The point of the article is that the fans of the Bruins that are not racists, are letting racist fans dictate their public image. As the team that brought O’Ree into the league and broke the colour barrier, they should be the last team accepting fans saying the things they do. And doing nothing is accepting.

      There’s a difference between pointing out racism and asking people to take action against racism. This article isn’t about pointing out racists. It’s about telling Bruins fans it’s time to change the narrative. Hate P.K. Subban all you want, but hate him for how he plays on the ice. Nobody is going to write an article in anger for saying you don’t like him. But when you bring his skin colour or toss gender insults, I’m not going to sit down about it and neither should anyone else.

      When Bill Cosby was calling out the disrespect he was seeing by youths in the black community, someone asked him how will the white community react to what he said. Cosby’s response? “Let them talk.” In other words, stop trying to deflect the situation and focus on fixing your own. I feel this applies here.

      • Problem is none of the posts had Hastags , so unless you follow them you will not even see it or unless someone you follow retweets it. How you were able to find these I do not know how long it took. Most do not even use their own names so there is really no way to point them out and be certain its their actual name.

        Thanks for replying.

  12. Pretty sure Subban has fought marchand at least twice and threw him around like a ragdoll. Weren’t many punches thrown by either but still. Also I think the announcers are partly to blame for the hate against Subban. I watched the Washington/habs game on a stream online from the states and the announcers were constantly talking about subban and they were rarely good things. The spotlight was always on him even if he wasnt doing much. I think they start it and the fans finish it.

  13. Iggy and the Bruins organization should come out and say something about this racism. It is quite hypocritical for the racism that is shown from Boston sports fans who have earned championships because of some players on their team, who are black. Teams like New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics specifically, have made Boston a great sports city.

  14. Here in real life it just so happens that this sort of thing is normal and is never going to go away. When somebody sticks out due to physical difference whether it be racial features, obesity, disproportionate gender, or whatever is the case, it’s a normal social response when people make those sort of comments. That’s just the way it works in real life and you can’t change it. You don’t get to tell people that they NEED to do something. “You NEED to be more tolerant!” Mind your own business.

    People aren’t going to magically change overnight OR over time. Unless the world is full of a single gender asexual reproducing human species all of the same racial phenotype and otherwise identical, this sort of thing will always happen. And just how “racist” are these fans anyways? You said so yourself, there are blacks in the Bruins organization including Iginla and also PK’s brother Malcom in the AHL. Those same fans would be glad to have PK on their team. Those kinds of remarks are made because he is not on their team. It does not mean the fans are all hateful conservative intolerant bigots who also hate women and homosexuals.

    These “liberal” ideals and political correctness contrast with reality. We humans are never going to be the model tolerant utopian society you people all want us to be and to make us into. It’s not going to happen. It’s ironically creating more of the kinds of problems you complain about than resolving any real social issues in a meaningful way.