The View from South Ward: Heisenberg, YSA, Kaka, and a Suddenly Potent Red Bulls Attack


Welcome to another edition of The View from South Ward! It’s been a bit of a busy week, so let’s get right at it.

First, and most importantly, the beer of the match was Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.

Next stop is a visit the magical land of Kaka.  His name has been linked to a move to the Red Bulls over the last few weeks.  RBNY fans, please take note.  Kaka will not be coming to Harrison this season, and probably not next season, either.  The truth is that he still wants to play at the highest level of footy possible before the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  The MLS and Red Bulls simply don’t offer that sustained level of play yet.

That’s not to say Rafa Marquez’ comments of a few days ago are accurate.  The troubled Mexican national made some questionable comments to an interviewer for channel RAC1, stating the MLS is “amateur.”

“Sincerely, I think that it was not a favorable experience, it didn’t go how I wished, maybe the fact also that I play for one of the rivals of the United States and I’m a bit of a hated figure in the United States, because of that rivalry that exists between Mexico and the United States, it caused me to not have, perhaps, the experience that I expected to have there,” said Marquez.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but does ANYONE think that highly of him to justify making him into some sort of villain?  I think Rafa may need to seek some professional psychological treatment

It was also announced that Kaka’s brother Digao has officially been released by the Red Bulls, after being plagued with heel injuries, and only playing two minutes off the bench as a Red Bull.  This announcement came on the heels of signing of center back, and Ugandan national, Ibrahim Sekagya, who admitted in an interview that he is not yet in game shape.  So, it looks like the Red Bulls front office finally got their priorities in the right place.

Or do they?

An announcement was made that the Red Bulls organization will pay $500 per match to fan groups Empire Supporters Club, Garden State Ultras, and the Viking Army, for every match that the explicative laced chant known lovingly in the press as YSA.  The incentive pay will be doled out in 4 game/$2000 increments. As someone who sits in South Ward, I’m wondering how to collect on my share, and how the powers that be will know if this chant has or has not been used. Rumor also has it that this announcement came down from the RBNY front office.  It seems to me that maybe they might have bigger fish to fry. You know, like the fact their 3rd place team is sinking in the standings, they have the highest payroll in the league, and have absolutely nothing to show for it.  More on this later.

The weight of this match against the Montreal Impact cannot be overlooked.  I’ve been talking about this game in this space for weeks.  The Impact have two games in hand over the Red Bulls, and the boys in white have been shut out in two of their last three matches.

This match did not disappoint.  Let me put this out there.  Eric Alexander had his best overall match as a Red Bull.  He was the player, shockingly enough, that started the offensive dominance of the Impact, who came into this match leading the Eastern Conference.  Oh, and to make matters even more interesting, Peguy Luyindula scored his first career MLS goal.  It came off a penalty kick in the second half. I have made it no secret that the play of Peguy and Alexander wear on my very last nerve and make me say things that cannot be written in this space.  It’s ironic that these two players scored in this match, since so much was at stake.  Alexander’s play was most improved. He played with a brass set, putting pressure on goal by either providing his team mates with quality service, or by putting the ball on goal at every opportunity that he had.  The only logical explanation for his sudden turn around is that he got his hands on some genuine Heisenberg meth.  I think I saw a dirty RV in the parking lot. It’s totally plausible.

Also of note, the offense, in general, woke up.  They were creative.  They were aggressive.  It all clicked for the Red and White against the Impact.  It wasn’t that the Impact played poorly, they most certainly did not.  The Red Bulls played like they should, at the highest possible level, to match their highest payroll. By the way, the Red Bulls won the day 4-0, with goals from the aforementioned underachievers, MLS All Star Thierry Henry, and Tim Cahill‘s glorious header.

So, how about that YSA chant? Apparently, the Garden State Ultras, prior to today’s match, sent a response to RBNY management basically telling them to take their YSA-related bribery and kindly bugger off. Not only did YSA happen, but there were a myriad of other profanity laced chants related to a variety of subjects, including several directed at the Impact keeper Troy Perkins. So, I guess the South Ward can’t be bought.

Next stop, the Red Bulls travel north of the border once again, to Toronto to play TFC. Let’s see if they can get on a roll away from home.


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