Jays Look To Make Second Half Run


Happy Canada Day and 4th of July.  I hope you all had/have a fantastic time! Now back to business.

It’s been a while since I have spoken about the Toronto Blue Jays and I apologize, now I’ll try my best to get back to my regular routine although I may change it up once and a while.

As of Tuesday, July 2, 2013 the Toronto Blue Jays are back to 500 baseball thanks to an 8-3 Canada Day win over the Detroit Tigers. The Jays now have a 41-41, 8 games behind the Division leading Boston Red Sox and 5.5 games out of a wild card spot. The all-star break is about two weeks away and the Jays are now in the mix of things and if they can figure out how to win more games on the road they might have a chance at a post-season dance.

It’s amazing to see that the Blue Jays are making some noise and somehow managed to crawl their way back into a bit of contention. Think about it; the first 31 games of the season the Jays were 10-21 and people were losing hope in their team and questioning virtually everything the Blue Jays had done in the off-season. There was an idea going around the WBC had a negative impact on the team leading to a lack of chemistry that the team had.

Now that the first 31 games were over, the Blue Jays went to work to make sure that the beginning of the season was just a small bump in the road and lucky for us Jays and Baseball fans alike we were given a show. The next 51 games the Jays would play they would go 31-20 a really good run to get them back to 500 baseball. In that period of time the Jays went on an 11-game winning streak (tying a franchise record) and hit a smal bump in the road when they played Tampa and Boston only winning two of seven games.  Perhaps home cooking will help the Jays.

Now that the Blue Jays are out of the cellar its time to win more games and climb the Division and Wild-Card Ladder! The Jays are now 23-17 at home, which is good, but they can do better then that.  Although they need to really improve on the road, the Jays are 18-24, and if they want any kind of post-season dream they need to win a lot more road battles.

We have a lot of baseball left (wonder when that gets old) and the Blue Jays are heading into the right direction. As long as injuries don’t last long, or at least don’t have a long-term negative effect on the team they’ll be able to continue their winning ways. If RA Dickey, Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle can continue to pitch the way they have been pitching lately and Brendan Morrow returns soon, the Jays will be the team to watch out for. If the bullpen can continue their dominance and the Jays batters have more hot than cold days just imagine how the rest of the season will be!

So for now lets sit back, enjoy and see where the Jays are by the all-star break. Oh, and one more thing – don’t send Kawasaki back to the Minors again – that’s just a terrible idea.


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