Rick Nash Traded to Rangers, instant analysis.


We have learned through various sources (ie: Darren Dreger) that Rick Nash has been dealt to the New York Rangers.  The deal  includes NHL forwards Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, defence prospect Tim Erixon, and a first round pick.

The Rangers also get a conditional 3rd round pick (if the Rangers make the Cup final, the pick goes back to Columbus) and minor leaguer Steve Delisle in the deal.

From Last Word Analyst Ben Kerr: “Erixon is an excellent defensive prospect, one of the top defencemen not currently in the NHL.  He has excellent skating and is an extremely smart passer.  With Ryan Murray, Tim Erixon, James Wisniewski, and Jack Johnson, the Blue Jackets have set up an excellent quartet to run their Power play for years.

Anisimov and Dubinsky are second liners at best, and Dubinsky is really a salary dump from the Rangers side to make the cap work in this deal.  Anisimov has a ton of talent but questions remain if he can ever put it together

Still while Columbus is getting some nice pieces, the Rangers have kept their most prized young assets, in guys like Chris Krieder, Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan, and Michael Del Zotto and as such this trade has to be considered a major win from the Rangers perspective.  Quantity almost never equals quality in NHL deals, and Rick Nash is easily the best player in the trade.

The Rangers had long been the rumored front runners in the Rick Nash sweepstakes, with rumors headed as far back as the NHL Trade Deadline in February.  The sticking point at that time was the Rangers reluctance to include Chis Krieder in any deal.”

Last Word Hockey Analyst Paul Fazzari says: “Just a steal for the Rangers! They have lost alot of character up front this off season losing guys like Brandon Prust and Brandon Dubinsky, but I don’t think scoring goals will be a problem for them anymore next year.”

We pulled Last word Analyst Maksim Vasilyev away from the Bar long enough to get this:

“Rick Nash has averaged 32 goals per season his entire career and Dubinsky/Anisimov averaged 44 and 36 points respectfully over the last 3 years. Scott Howson’s hands were tied and a deal needed to be made, but you can’t help and feel like there is only one winner here. New York Ranger fans can rejoice because the team now owns two players who can score 40 goals. The dynamic of this team changes drastically.

I have always been an avid lobbyist for the Rangers to get Nash, I would have suspect a deal like this, but I figured two first round picks would have been a more fair deal here. Glen Sather is turning into a trade guru. Moving Gomez and now grabbing Nash. It is a good thing they are making Madison Square Garden brighter, because they have the stars now to shine.”


With Nash on the move, and the Shea Weber situation to be sorted out by Wednesday at the latest, many of the big summer moves have now been made.  NHL watchers continue to keep an eye on the Shane Doan, Alex Semin, Roberto Luongo, and Bobby Ryan situations.


… And thats the last word.


  1. […] Tim Erixon is the son of Jan Erixon, a former NHL player with the New York Rangers.  He was drafted by the Calgary Flames in the 2009 NHL Draft, but when he hadn’t signed by June 1, 2011 it looked as if the Flames could lose his rights and he’d re-enter the 2011 draft.  Instead of allowing this to happen the Flames traded Erixon to the Rangers where he quickly signed.  Unfortunately for Erixon he would only play 18 games in the big apple before being traded to the Blue Jackets in the Rick Nash deal. […]