France and Germany went scoreless in UEFA Nations League debut

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Editorial (September 7, 2018) – The World Cup champions France and Germany weren’t able to hurt each other in the brand new tournament UEFA Nations League kick-off.

France and Germany went scoreless in UEFA Nations League debut

A disappointing 0-0 tie left fans around the world hoping for a better start in Europe’s new international competition.

France played with the same initial 11-men who lift the World Cup trophy in July this year, while Germany put a combination between young players and veterans on the pitch.

Despite the result, both teams harassed one another and France debutant goalkeeper Alphonse Areola was a key part with superb saves in the second half.

Germany has been clearly marked for the Group Stage elimination in the Russian World Cup and it seems like a non-quick recovery. However, the Joaquin Lew squad is ready to turn the page and win the Nations League to avoid more criticism.

On the other hand, France is in a relaxed mode after claiming their second World Cup trophy in their history, but this newest European tournament gives four spots for the 2020 Euro Cup and Les Bleus have to stay focus on it.

Both countries integrate the Group 1 of the League A together with the Netherlands, which will face off France on September 9th.

About the Nations League

The UEFA Nations League is a tournament created to replace the international friendly matches every year. Moreover, the 55 UEFA members will play and every one of them is placed in one of the four Divisions or “Leagues” according to their rankings.

Every team will have the chance to earn the promotion and relegation to respectively league due to the results they accumulated in the tournament.

The Nations League won’t interfere with either World Cup or Euro Cup because it was scheduled to replace the international friendly games.

The following is the list of the groups based on the team’s ranking:

League A

  • Group 1: France, Germany, Netherlands.
  • Group 2: Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland.
  • Group 3: Portugal, Italy, Poland.
  • Group 4: Spain, England, Croatia.

Each group winner will advance to the semifinals, while the champion will qualify to the 2020 Eurocup. However, the last of each group will be relegated to the League B.

League B

  • Group 1: Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic.
  • Group 2: Russia, Sweden, Turkey.
  • Group 3: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Ireland.
  • Group 4: Wales, Denmark, Republic of Ireland.

Group’s winners will qualify to the League A. The last of each group will be relegated to the League C.

League C

  • Group 1: Scotland, Albania, Israel.
  • Group 2: Hungary, Greece, Finland, and Estonia.
  • Group 3: Norway, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Cyprus.
  • Group 4: Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Luthuania.

Group’s winners will qualify to the League B. The last of each group will be relegated to the League D.

League D

  • Group 1: Georgia, Latvia, Andorra, and Kazakhstan
  • Group 2: Belarus, Luxembourg, Moldova and San Marino.
  • Group 3: Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Malta and Kosovo.
  • Group 4: Macedonia, Armenia, Liechtenstein and Gilbatar.

Group’s winners will qualify to the League C.

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