Twitter Reacts To USMNT Not Qualifying For World Cup 2018

At midnight last night, the reality still stood that the USMNT did not qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia next summer. A stunning 2-1 loss to Trinidad & Tobago combined with Panama and Honduras getting wins against Costa Rica and Mexico respectively, and the dreams came crashing down as this will be the first time the USA has missed the World Cup in 32 years.

Not a lot of people took it well. As always, they took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

Twitter Reacts To USMNT Not Qualifying For World Cup 2018

Now, a lot can go into voicing your annoyance or anger into Twitter.

Some like to make it a joke.

Others like to drink their sorrows away.

A lot of Americans won’t be happy next summer, knowing that their beloved Red, White, and Blue won’t partake in such a huge tournament. Well, now who must they cheer for? You could always go Germany. The World Cup powerhouse. Or Spain. But if you want to stay in the CONCACAF region, who?

When worse comes to worse, El Tri is the way to go.

Wait, There’s More?

Oh yes. There’s more.

You should never lose anything to T&T. Never. Not anything. If one person can point them out on a world map, cheers to you.

Does anyone think players will take a knee for the new anthem? Some think it fits them pretty well. Thoughts?

WARNING: Content contains explicit language. 

No wonder the guys played like trash. The starting XI was literally garbage bags. (Except you WonderBoy. You’re doing just fine.)

Hopefully reading this, if you missed the match, you’ll understand the performance of the USMNT last night. Two things we all can agree on: Alexi Lalas was right from the start, and Taylor Twellman sums up all of our frustration with G-rated language.

So, in the meantime, we can all lay in bed depressed eating chocolate…

We can all cry on and on…

And keep saying that the USWNT is better (in hindsight they are)…

But in the end, we all need to get over the fact that the direction has gone downhill since the acquisition of Bruce Arena as head coach. Do changes need to be made? That’s an opinion. But it won’t change the fact that……

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