Ali Krieger Trade Rumors Are Justified

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Ali Krieger is an American women’s soccer legend. She’s a World Cup winner on the defense that gets the most credit for getting the victory. Ali is not only the captain for the Washington Spirit but for the District while also hailing from Virginia.

In recent days, there have been rumors about her future with the team. And it led to her opening about about the situation on Twitter:

Ali Krieger Trade Rumors are Justified

Her heart is in a club she helped risen from the ashes, one known for the red socks before Crystal Dunn began to shine. Ali was allocated to the Washington Spirit to attract fans, now the supporters she doesn’t want to leave behind.

Krieger didn’t have an off year with the Spirit. She had chances to push forward to be a threat in Jim Gabarra’s 4-3-3 system. Ali was instrumental for Washington’s NWSL Championship appearance.

The Washington Spirit 2016 season, however, was waning despite their trip to Houston. The Spirit had given up a goal in either victory or defeat from July 23 until season’s end according to Washington’s key players’ ages have caught up to them and injuries had slowed them down the stretch.

Diana Matheson is 32 years old. Joanna Lohman is 34. Estefania Banini had left knee surgery during the season. Caprice Dyrasco tore her ACL during the Championship.

Ali may not be traded, but the Spirit need changes if they are to realize their full potential. Washington can turn a veteran room into an old squad. Ali’s possible trade for an attractive offer could reload the Spirit for an another championship run.

We know Ali will be upset if traded by the contents of the above tweet. The NWSL has gone from trading players to cities that needed fans to keeping their own. Ali is the perfect trade bait for Washington.

Dunn is selling the tickets now and she wasn’t at her best scoring-wise this year. Gabarra proclaims his system is designed to spread the wealth but it stalled during the final two months of the season.

Krieger’s offseason will be cruel. The thoughts of leaving Washington will linger for a possible six months. This is new to witness for Ali’s fans. A flower has grown in the Maryland SoccerPlex, but it might get plucked for more flowers to blossom.