2020/21 Premiership Playoffs confirmed after crazy Covid-affected calendar year


Moving from the regular season to the knockout rounds, as 2020/21 Premiership playoffs places were secured, the reality of this prolonged and somewhat crazy Covid-affected calendar year is shifted into the background. Four teams now ascend to the semi-finals. The penultimate weekend, before the two most accomplished sides will match each other in the Grand […] READ MORE

Aussie 7s invite New Zealand Sevens squads to pre-Olympic tournament

With the good relations that have always existed, it was quickly accepted when the Aussie 7s teams invited the New Zealand Sevens squads to a pre-Olympic Oceania tournament based in Townsville, QLD. The newly developed Pacific-Aus Sports Oceania Sevens tournament is scheduled for June 25-27, boosting all qualified team’s preparations ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. […] READ MORE