Indie Watch: CCW Champion Miles Blackwell

A photo of CCW Champion Miles Blackwell.

A pro-wrestling heel is the antagonist. The person you love to hate. In Continental Championship Wrestling, the top heel is their champion. That man is the unpinned “Violent Gentlemen” Miles Blackwell

Miles has sat down with Will Gray from Last Word on Sports, on two different occasions to discuss his career. 

The Origin of the Violent Gentleman

Born in the United Kingdom, Miles came to the United States at three years old. His roots to his British heritage are prevalent in everything he does. Blackwell started like many young fans, growing up watching WWE

Tatanka was one of my favorites, then the Hart Foundation. Owen Hart would become one of my favorites.” 

Miles would decide that wrestling was the path he was going to take, and found his home. He would go on to debut in CCW in 2021.

“Continental Championship wrestling was the start of my training. I started and very quickly I was humbled.” 

Blackwell would talk about learning as much as he could as efficiently as possible. The training team at CCW would help shape Miles, by pounding in the basics. He would say that “before you worry about all that other stuff, you have to master the basics.”

The Meat and Potatoes 

During the early parts of his career, Miles would find himself in a feud with “The Machine” Bryce Maddox. This feud was for the CCW Southern States Title. It was during this time that Miles and Bryce would both use each other to further shape their characters. 

“Without the Devil, God would be bored.” Miles would go on to say he was the “Anti-Bryce.” 

Blackwell has always been a heel. He is proud of his career as a heel. He would reference the work of Roddy Piper when discussing this particular part of his character work. 

“Piper was one of my favorites… He transcended in-ring ability and in-ring personality.” 

Like Piper, Blackwell uses his cunning in-ring aptitude, alongside his silver tongue to garner reactions from the crowd. 

“I’ve had people swing on me. I’m proud of that.” 

During his career Blackwell would have a chance to work in Georgia, branching out more into the South East. In 2023, Miles and Bryce would continue their feud and Miles would be crowned the CCW Heavyweight Champion.

Today in Wrestling

When asked what it felt like to become the CCW champ, Miles was very direct.

“The saying is, ‘the man makes the title,’ but I was already the man long before I got my first title.” Over the last few years, has gone from the new guy to the locker room leader. He would say one of the biggest changes over the last few years was the respect he was given, going “from the new guy to being the top lad.” 

Miles Blackwell, also became a father this year. His family grew as he and his wife welcomed their son to the world. 

Miles is regularly featured on “CCW Surge” on their YouTube page. In 2024, Miles is still unpinned and he is still the CCW Heavyweight Champion.

On X/Twitter Miles has an open challenge for Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, a popular character from the hit show “The Office.” Declaring daily that the challenge is open if the fictional character fancies a scrap.

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