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Chad Gable Is Alive, Will Compete In MITB Match On WWE Raw

A photo of WWE Raw superstar Chad Gable.

Chad Gable is alive and will compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match qualifier on WWE Raw, Adam Pearce has revealed.

Gable was originally booked in the triple-threat match against Braun Strowman and “Big” Bronson Reed for the June 24 episode of WWE Raw. But he was then a victim in the Wyatt Sicks massacre that closed last week’s WWE Raw.

Gable appeared to have suffered a gunshot wound in the Wyatt Sicks massacre. This led many to speculate that he had died. Further speculation was added when he was removed from the MITB qualifier match and replaced with Ilja Dragunov.

Officially Cleared For Action

But WWE Raw General Manager Adam Pearce confirmed on social media that Gable was alive and cleared to compete in the match. Pearce said Gable was shaken up but ok.

The one-minute video, below, also seemed to be hacked by the Wyatt Sicks. Pearce’s X account was also hacked. Multiple images were posted of him as Postman Pearce.  

Postman Pearce appeared in an episode of the Firefly Funhouse – the segment of WWE TV created by Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt passed away last year. The Wyatt Sicks has been created by his brother Uncle Howdy in his memory.

Will Otis Return to Gable?

Gable being attacked by the Wyatt Sicks could benefit him. Since April, Gable has been abusing his Alpha Academy faction. When he stole Maxxine Dupri’s crutch, forcing her to hop on one leg, Otis finally stood up for himself and walked away from Gable.

Dupri and Tozawa left with Otis leaving Gable alone. He was then attacked by the Wyatt Sicks.

It is likely Otis will be guilt-stricken and full of remorse. This will give Gable even more opportunity to manipulate the Alpha Academy for his gain.

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