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Wrestlers That NEED To Be In The 2025 WWE King of the Ring Tournament

A photo of potential 2025 WWE King of the Ring competitor Bron Breakker.

WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024 saw WWE crown two new monarchs. With the 2024 King of the Ring tournament in the rear-view mirror, we’ve taken a look ahead to 2025 and any future iterations of the tournament.

Let’s explore some of the current WWE talent that needs to be featured in the 2025 King of the Ring tournament.

(Don’t worry, there is a Women’s version of this coming soon too!)

Bron Breakker

There’s not too much that needs to be said about this one. In fact, Bron Breakker made the point himself. He should ABSOLUTELY be featured in any future King of the Ring tournaments.

Breakker is an unstoppable force and has been proving as much on WWE Raw in recent weeks. He can decimate every opponent put in front of him, which makes him a real contender to be a future King of the Ring.

His run on WWE Raw since being drafted by Adam Pearce has been intriguing, especially with the added wrinkle of his apparent heel turn. It would be a brilliant opportunity to cement Breakker’s spot as one of the biggest stars of WWE’s future.

Ilja Dragunov

The former NXT Champion made waves on WWE Raw after being called up during the WWE Draft 2024, with many fans expecting to see Ilja Dragunov run into his old nemesis Gunther, as the “Ring General” made his way to the finals.

However, Dragunov was ultimately unsuccessful in his endeavours, being beaten by “Main Event” Jey Uso in an exceptional match.

Dragunov is one of the only members of the tournament that ought to show up in another instalment in 2025, if only to satisfy the needs of this writer for hard-hitting dream matches.

The “Mad Dragon” could enter the tournament again, looking to avenge his failure from the 2024 edition. A more determined, intense and relentless Dragunov would be a sight to behold and one to fear for every other member of the WWE roster.

Carmelo Hayes

The other returning competitor for a 2025 edition of King of the Ring ought to be Carmelo Hayes. Hayes is capable of putting on standout matches with anyone that he squares off against, with his bouts against Randy Orton and Baron Corbin proving that fact.

At just 29 years old, Hayes is a relative rookie compared to some of the talent on the roster and is already showing why he belongs at the top of the card.

Re-entering the tournament would be a wise move for Hayes and the perfect opportunity for him to rekindle a rivalry with someone that he could otherwise avoid until then…

Trick Williams

By 2025, Trick Williams should be on the main roster. The current NXT Champion has cemented himself as the top star on Tuesday nights, with his matches against the aforementioned entrants standing out as some of the best NXT bouts of all time.

If Williams were to enter a future edition of the King of the Ring tournament, it would allow for a natural meeting of Williams and Hayes, which could re-launch the hottest NXT feud of recent years on WWE Raw or SmackDown.

Montez Ford

When Bobby Lashley was declared unfit to compete in the 2024 King of the Ring tournament, he was replaced by stablemate Angelo Dawkins. Dawkins was, ultimately, unsuccessful in his attempt.

In a future iteration of the tournament, his Street Profits teammate should get his time to shine. Montez Ford would be a welcome inclusion to the tournament, if only for his knack for putting on standout matches with everyone he stands across the ring from.


Since returning to WWE at WWE Royal Rumble 2024, Andrade has spent the past five months in limbo. He hasn’t appeared to have a clear story and has only wrestled SIX televised matches since his return. 

He is a man in dire need of direction, which has helped this decision. Although any future tournament is likely around a year away, it would make sense to include Andrade in the 2025 King of the Ring.

The former WWE United States Champion would be a fine inclusion and has the ability to put on superb performances in the ring. The idea of Andrade facing off against any of the stars on this list is tantalising, and demonstrates the necessity of his inclusion.

Oba Femi

Oba Femi will undoubtedly be a WWE World Champion one day. Until then, his dominant run as the NXT North American Champion will have to serve as a taster of his capabilities.

By the time a future King of the Ring tournament rolls around, Oba Femi should be in with a shout as one of the more surprising inclusions. Femi could be presented as a dominant beast that is almost impossible to defeat.

The prospect of Oba Femi mixing it up with some of the established stars of WWE’s roster is mouth-watering, and it would be a perfect chance to call him up to the main roster, if he hasn’t already arrived by then.

Je’Von Evans

If you thought Oba Femi was a surprising shout, this might knock your socks off.

Je’Von Evans should absolutely be in with an outside chance of appearing in the King of the Ring tournament of 2025. The 20-year-old has been outstanding during his brief run in NXT and ultimately deserves the chance to showcase his abilities on a major scale.

Prior to his arrival in NXT, Evans (under his former moniker of Jay Malachi) was the youngest-ever DPW Champion and put on incredible matches with some of the hottest independent talent.

An appearance in the King of the Ring tournament would be the perfect way to introduce him to a wider audience and a shock win in the first round could be a brilliant way for Evans to announce himself as the fastest-rising young talent in WWE.

If there’s anyone else that you’d like to see featured in the 2025 WWE King of the Ring tournament, please let us know!

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