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The Tribal King: The Case For Jey Uso To Win WWE King Of The Ring

A photo of Jey Uso at WWE Backlash France

A late entrant into WWE‘s King of The Ring has kicked off a buzz online, and the case for Jey Uso to win WWE King of The Ring this year has grown considerably. Main Event Jey, who has been holding down the Raw roster as its number-one face since WrestleMania 40, has had his most substantial run of weeks yet in his solo career. He received incredible support from the French fans at Backlash and, despite a losing effort, has been riding a wave of momentum through the tournament.

There are new stars, like Carmelo Hayes, who could use the win. Likewise, Jey is far from being a prohibitive favorite. His late entrance into the tournament is the biggest indictment against him being the eventual winner.

He is, though, the biggest star on Monday nights, and the reactions are proving that. If Jey Uso leaves Saudi Arabia with the crown, it could help him tremendously as he sits atop a mountain he probably never expected to see. 

The WWE Crown Would Look Good on a Main Event Act

The KOTR crown is a versatile tool. It can elevate new acts, give prominent stars a fresh story, function as a contender’s showcase, and create a de facto title for one lucky superstar. Even before the finalists clash in Saudi Arabia, each scenario has already played out on weekly television.

For Jey Uso, the last scenario is the one that WWE should consider when booking his run and possible win. Raw has an interesting title scene right now, with each of the main stories melting into one another. Jey having the crown would solidify his position at the top. 

Jey can’t be the only person to challenge for the top championship. Eventually, CM Punk and Drew McIntyre will take the reigns, and the rest of the growing title scene will need someone else to feud with. King Uso would be a target that could main event any episode of Raw or Premium Live Event.

To be the top full-time face on the roster comes with a lot of responsibility. The largest of which is to anchor the content and keep fans engaged. Suppose stars like Gunther or Damian Priest keep coming for Jey’s crown. In that case, he can better prepare for a potential run as champion down the road while fulfilling his obligations as Raw‘s top face. 

Jey Uso to Win King of The Ring for Another Title Opportunity

If Jey Uso winning the crown to defend it isn’t the plan, his winning to earn a second title shot might also make sense. With Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest working a brutal battle of the heels storyline, neither is guaranteed to turn face in the process. Likewise, CM Punk still hasn’t given much by way of an update on his return.

With the landscape being so uncertain amongst those three, giving Jey momentum for another title match after his loss at Backlash would be smart. Gunther is the favorite to win this year, but will Gunther vs Drew Mcintyre vs. Damian Priest make any sense? That will depend on what happens next. However, having a face who is strong on Raw is the safer option. 

Most King of The Ring winners got a shot at the world championship after being coronated. If a Raw superstar is going to win, there is a crowded group of big bad guys at the top of the mountain and nobody to stand up to them. Jey Uso winning the tournament and the natural disposition fans have to cheer for him every week would be more than enough to earn another title match, even one that he is destined to fail.

Making wins and losses matter in this new era means the more critical roles must keep looking strong, providing less opportunity for everyone else. The tournament’s newer, less established heels may fall prey to this new philosophy, with the throne going to somebody who needs to look stronger during marquee main event runs. 

King vs. Chief Adds Interest to The Bloodline Feud

Why be a Tribal Chief when you can be the Tribal King? The case for Jey Uso to win King of The Ring doesn’t need to extend much further than that question. Solo Sikoa has, through some unpolished but enjoyable character work, ushered in the next great chapter in The Bloodline story.

That chapter centers around who is fit to lead and what that means for The Bloodline going forward. Sikoa clearly has made his claim on Roman’s position as head of the table. What, though, if Jey Uso, and not Roman Reigns, was the person to bring Sikoa back down to reality after months of riding along on his high horse? It isn’t ridiculous to consider, given how popular Jey has become all on his own. 

King Jey already looks like the ultimate victor of The Bloodline. Before The Rock made his last return and accidentally turned Roman Reigns face for putting over Cody Rhodes, Jey was clearly the hero of the family drama. It looks far more likely that Roman Reigns will return on the side of good and rid the WWE of his nefarious young cousin.

However, Jey could still be that guy, with Roman being a last-minute addition. If Jey wins the King of The Ring crown, he could make a pretty good case that he should lead The Bloodline. Then WWE has a significant angle it can use to fill out any of its upcoming international events. Without the crown, Jey might still be able to pull it off. Winning it, though, especially against his cousin Tama Tonga, who is advancing on SmackDown, would supercharge his current run and future prospects.

A Heavy Crown for Jey Uso to Win King of The Ring

There are always going to be some doubters about Jey Uso. The product of the A’noai family will always get some tags for being an undertalented nepotism star. Given the length of Jey’s WWE run, much of which was not main-event-worthy, that isn’t the case.

No, not everyone is going to feel “Ucey” for Jey. His simple style in the ring is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is important to remember that he has confounded expectations thus far. Even his critics agree.

He was a tag team lifer until he wasn’t. Jey was the guy who was only over against his family members like Roman Reigns until he wasn’t. He was a catchphrase that could never truly connect with the crowd until, at Backlash, he proved he wasn’t.

Recently, he was a last-minute replacement in a tournament destined for an early exit as a new heel stormed toward the winner circle. Or, once again, Jey will prove to everyone that he wasn’t.

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