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WWE Draft 2024: Predicting The Biggest Moves We Could See

A photo of WWE Draft eligible superstar Shinsuke Nakamura on WWE NXT.

On Monday, April 8th, the return of the WWE Draft was announced. Monday Night Raw, SmackDown and NXT will all be vying to sign the best talent in the company. 

The Draft can be used as a chance to create new feuds that fans had never even considered, or build a future star by selecting them earlier than expected. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest potential moves in this year’s WWE Draft.

Judgment Day to SmackDown

If we’re working under the assumption that Monday Night Raw will get the first pick in the 2024 WWE Draft, it would be a safe bet to suggest that they’d pick the Undisputed WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes. With that in mind, SmackDown would need a world title.

Nick Aldis and co. would be wise to look at drafting The Judgment Day to the blue brand. Whether they take the entire faction or just the World Heavyweight Champion, Friday nights will need bolstering.

Perhaps Damian Priest will be the sole member of the group to move, putting the stable into disarray. However, we’ve seen a precedent set in previous years that factions can be drafted as one pick. Therefore, expect Aldis to try and take all five members.

With the World Heavyweight Champion and the WWE Women’s World Champion on SmackDown, there’s going to be some re-configuring done…

Bayley to Raw

As mentioned, with one Women’s Champion moving to SmackDown, Adam Pearce would need to draft Bayley over to the red brand. ‘The Role Model’ would be a good pick for Monday Night Raw and would certainly present a good opportunity to tell some fresh stories.

She could mix it up with stars that she’s not yet encountered on SmackDown – depending on how the draft goes, of course – and separating her from her former Damage CTRL stablemates would allow for an intriguing tale.

A simple pick, but relocating Bayley to Monday Night Raw would be a wise move for the flagship show.

Jey Uso to SmackDown

After an underwhelming match at WWE WrestleMania 40, it’s fair to say that ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso needs a new lease of life. This past Monday, he earned himself a World Heavyweight Championship shot against Damian Priest, which will undoubtedly help him.

In keeping with the previous predictions, Priest will find his way to SmackDown. With their match likely to take place on WWE Backlash, it would make sense for Jey Uso to follow in those footsteps.

In the (assumed) absence of the Bloodline, Jey Uso could thrive on SmackDown and the idea of him facing off against some of the blue brand’s top stars should keep the fire burning for fans of ‘Main Event’.

He could easily find himself amongst the top players on SmackDown, perhaps even squaring off against the WWE United States Champion down the line.

Ilja Dragunov to Raw

On Monday Night Raw after WWE WrestleMania 40, fans were treated by a surprise appearance from the NXT Champion (at the time of writing) Ilja Dragunov. His bout against Shinsuke Nakamura gave the audience a taste of what to expect from him.

After his victory, it was confirmed that Dragunov would be eligible for the upcoming WWE Draft. It seems likely that he may lose the NXT Championship to Trick Williams at NXT Spring Breakin’, leading to the continued feud between Williams and Hayes down the line.

If Dragunov does lose his belt at the NXT PLE, it would be highly likely to assume that he will make his way to Monday Night Raw.

The potential to see matchups such as Gunther vs. Ilja Dragunov on the main roster is mouth-watering, especially with WWE Bash In Berlin scheduled in August 2024. It’s time to bring ‘Unbesiegbar’ Ilja Dragunov to the red brand.

Shinsuke Nakamura to NXT

After the WWE Draft was announced this week, it was made clear that NXT will feature in some way. Ava appeared on the flagship show, to explain that some superstars may find their way onto NXT

With that in mind, it seems like a good opportunity to rejuvenate some of the stars that are floundering on the main roster. We’ve already seen Baron Corbin, Dijak and Finn Bálor pop up on Tuesday nights and revitalise their careers, so there’s proof that it can work.

Shinsuke Nakamura is someone that is in dire need of a new direction. His recent work with Cody Rhodes was odd, and felt as though he was a square peg being forced into a round hole.

Allowing Nakamura to return to NXT would shake things up, and enable him to get involved with fresh stories. Also, as a 2-time NXT Champion, his legitimacy on the brand has been more than earned.

Potential matchups against the likes of Trick Williams, Oba Femi and the aforementioned Dijak are incredible prospects, which should only excite fans of ‘The King of Strong Style’. If not him, expect to see a handful of stars moved over to Tuesdays in the upcoming draft.

It’s bound to be an interesting few weeks, regardless of which moves may happen. If there’s anyone that you think needs a specific move in the WWE Draft, let us know! 

Of course, it’s not like WWE to make the Draft matter after around a month, but let’s see if they stick to their guns this time.

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