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WWE WrestleMania 40 Saturday – Night One: Full Results & Recap

A photo of The Rock and Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 40.

WWE WrestleMania 40 Saturday night started with the vintage National Anthem by a celebrity. This year’s honor went to Coco Jones. The city of “Brotherly Love” roared in approval.

The WWE Universe seemed excited to start WrestleMania. The fans burst into cheers as the CCO of WWE Triple H came out to start the 40th WrestleMania with his iconic theme song. Triple H came out to welcome the fans to WrestleMania and get the fans fired up.

Rhea Ripley (c) vs Becky Lynch – WWE Women’s World Championship

WrestleMania 40 kicks things off with the Elimination Chamber winner, Becky Lynch challenging Rhea Ripley for the WWE Women’s World Championship. The match started with complete control by Rhea Ripley. Ripley used her strength to her advantage manhandling “The Man” Becky Lynch on various occasions.

Meanwhile, Lynch used her veteran instincts and speed to her advantage. This started with an impressive arm drag from the top rope and a tornado DDT from the middle rope. Shades of her boyfriend, Buddy Matthews, Ripley used a huge running knee to stop the momentum of Lynch.

Lynch’s in-ring IQ was showcased throughout the match as Lynch kept targeting the injured arm of Ripley. Both tried to get another WrestleMania moment.

Lynch countered Ripley’s finisher with one of her own. Lynch’s man-handle slam was the first near-fall pin of the match. It was followed by Ripley’s riptide and Lynch somehow kicked out at two.

Both superstars went back and forth. Lynch transitioned from a suplex from the top rope into an arm bar. While Ripley countered with a slam from the outside and a frog splash of her own.

Outcome and Grade:

Lynch tried to do the man-handle slam from the top rope. Ripley countered with a riptide to the turnbuckle. Then she hit Lynch with another Riptide for the win. Ripley wins and retains her WWE Women’s World Championship. 369 days and counting, who will be able to take the championship away from Rhea Ripley?

Overall I give this match a B-. It was pretty entertaining with each wrestler showing their strengths and weaknesses. However, the match ended quicker than expected especially for a hyped-up WrestleMania 40 Championship match.

Six-Pack Tag Team Ladder Match – Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships

The match consisted of DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa), Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth), New Catch Republic (Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate), Austin Theory & Grayson WallerThe New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods), and the champions, The Judgement Day (Damien Priest & Finn Balor).

The match was fast-paced and with so many wrestlers in this match, there were so many highlights. Typical and Entertaining WrestleMania Ladder Match.

Bate spinning Balor with a ladder and then throwing him into a ladder near the turnbuckle was a fantastic big highlight to start with. Bate and Dunne doing a double moonsault from the top of a ladder were picture-perfect. Priest as a Money in the Bank winner used his ladder match experience to his advantage.

The funny moment was when R-Truth believed the match was a tag team match and begged his partner to tag him in. R-Truth using Cena’s five moves of doom against The Judgement Day was a highlight.

To make it funnier he hit an AA to Balor through a ladder and tried to pin him even though it’s a ladder match. R-Truth was determined to get that WrestleMania 40 moment.

New SmackDown Tag Team Champions

Since both tag team titles are up for grabs, DIY and Awesome Truth tried to grab both titles. Waller and Theory took advantage of the distraction and grabbed the SmackDown Tag Team championships. Waller gets his first WrestleMania moment. So the Raw Tag Team Titles were still up for brags.

Before Waller could win the other half, New Catch Republic slammed Waller into a ladder. Kingston sacrificed himself by diving into everyone outside while Woods tried to grab the Raw Tag Team Champions. Theory intervened and the fans were booing.

An impressive tornado DDT from Gargano to Dunne into a table was incredible. Ciampa hit his finisher from the top of the ladder to Bate.

When it looked like R-Truth was finally getting his WrestleMania moment with no one else in sight, JD McDonagh comes from the back and costs him the match. While JD tried to win it for Judgement Day, New Day tipped the ladder and JD went through two tables.

New Raw Tag Team Champions

Then Priest seemed like he was going to retain for his group, Truth comes out and does an AA on the money in the bank winner. With no one else in sight, Truth wins it for the Awesome Truth. R-Truth gets his WrestleMania moment, and Awesome Truth is the Raw Tag Team champion for the first time.


This match was good for how many wrestlers were in the match. It was a solid C+/B-. Having Theory & Waller win was not the best move, but having Awesome Truth win was. R-Truth earned a WrestleMania moment.

Having the titles finally split was a brilliant move. We finally got two different tag team champions. That’s a smart move for the tag team division, which is stacked right now. Because there were so many wrestlers most didn’t shine, but the teams that stood out were DIY and New Catch Republic.

Either both should have won or at least one of them. Either way, the WWE Universe gets two new tag team champions. Awesome Truth as the New RAW Tag Team Champions & Waller & Theory as the New Smackdown Tag Team Champions. This was the first title change of the night.

Rey Mysterio & Andrade vs Dominik Mysterio & Santos Escobar

The first of the random matches of the night at WrestleMania 40. This was a last-minute match between four top Latin wrestlers. Throughout the match, both Andrade & Santos Escobar showcased why they both need to be pushed. Both are excellent wrestlers and have this aura to them. 

Rey Mysterio showed why he’s one of the best to ever do it. He might now be as quick as before, but he’s still great to watch. And Dominik Mysterio is that typical scaredy-cat heel who everyone loves to hate.

Rey Mysterio & Andrade Win

WrestleMania moment from Joaquin Wilde who was in the side of Rey’s LWO corner. He jumped so far from the top middle rope and landed far away from Dominik and Escobar. Two big masked men cost Dominik Mysterio & Santos Escobar the match. Rey Mysterio hits the classic 619 into both his opponents and pinned Santos.

The two masked men ended up being Philadelphia Eagles legends, Jason Kelce & Lane Johnson. The match was decent, nothing special but a couple of great moments. Maybe a solid C, with Andrade looking like a star throughout the match.

Brother vs. Brother

Being in the city of “Brotherly Love” it was only appropriate to have The Usos Civil War. Both brothers go on against one another. This match was between Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso and it was personal. Team Yeet versus Team No Yeet. We had another celebrity in the building. Lil Wayne made a surprise appearance introducing Jey Uso.

Main Event Jey Uso wasted no time by going through the middle ropes and attacking his brother. However, both brothers know each other so well after years of being tag team partners. Another great Brother vs. Brother match at WrestleMania shades of Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart or The Hardy Boyz Rivalry.

Jimmy Uso was super kick-happy, with various super kicks towards Jey. Jimmy tried going for a splash from the top rope only to be countered with a super kick of his own from Jey.

We had a super kick party at WrestleMania 40. Both stars went into a super kick party stalemate. Superkick counter after super kick counter from both Usos. Jey could not pull the trigger when Jimmy was on his knees begging his little brother to stop.

Ending the Usos Civil War

Jimmy seemed to be begging for forgiveness and Jey Uso picked him up. This is what Jimmy wanted, he suckered Jey in with a super kick and a splash but Jey kicked out. Jey quickly shook it off and speared Jimmy.

He finished it off with a splash and a win. Pat McAfee was excited and began to yeet as Jey Uso won the match. I rate this match a C+ because of the emotion behind it.

There were too many super kicks not enough wrestling moves. For two guys who have been together throughout their whole life their chemistry against one another wasn’t all there.

The match was good and the right person won the match. Jey Uso has clicked as a main event caliber talent and the fans love him. WrestleMania went the way of Jey Uso. Hopefully, this is just the beginning for Jey Uso, as it seems he finally put his rivalry with Jimmy and The Bloodline behind him.

Six-Woman Tag Team Match

It was the WWE Women’s Tag Team champions (Kairi Sane & Asuka), and Dakota Kai representing Damage CTRL coming out first. Their opponents were Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill, and Naomi. This WrestleMania 40 match favored Cargill’s team. They overpowered their opponents. It was not even a contest.

The highlight of the match was when Asuka sprayed the mist on Kairi Sane. Then Bianca whipped Asuka with her long ponytail. Finally, Cargill gets the victory as she pinned Dakota Kai with her finisher.

Cargill and Bianca are stars which is why I rate this match a solid C. Maybe even a D+. It was such a quick match with Cargill’s team looking unstoppable throughout all of it.

Intercontinental Championship Match

A touching moment for Sami Zayn with his wife and son before his match. Chad Gable also motivated Zayn before his match signaling that he owes Gable a favor.

A fired-up Zayn also got a hug from best friend, Kevin Owens before entering the match. Zayn comes out even more hyped for his match against the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion, Gunther.

As dominant as the ring general, Gunther is, Sami Zayn did not back down. He went chop for chop with Gunther. Gunther was dominating for a while until Zayn hit two suplexes on the reigning champion. Gunther slowed the momentum of Zayn with a huge clothesline to Zayn.

While Gunther was toying with Zayn, Zayn turned things around with a huge tornado DDT. After a huge DDT, Gunther somehow countered Zayn’s offense with a sleeper hold.

Counter After Counter

When it seemed that Zayn would grab onto the rope, Gunther hit a suplex. Then Zayn countered with a suplex of his own. Zayn was going for a helluva drop kick but Gunther retaliated with a double leg dropkick.

Then he hit Zayn with a powerbomb. Zayn would kick out and Gunther was in disbelief. Zayn hit a helluva kick out of nowhere for a Hail Mary, and Gunther still kicked out.

Sami Zayn was going for another helluva kick but Gunther countered with a clothesline and two power bombs. But somehow the challenger, Sami Zayn kicked out.

So many emotions going through this WrestleMania 40 match as Zayn’s wife was cheering and showed concern for her husband. After another slam, Gunther hit a big splash from the top rope. The Intercontinental champion would mock Zayn’s wife and hit another splash at Zayn.

The Champion Is Dethroned

As Gunther went for another splash Zayn hit a helluva kick from the top rope. He then hits a brainbuster from the top rope. Gunther was in trouble as Zayn would hit two more helluva kicks. Sami Zayn with the miracle of the night as he dethrones Gunther and ends his historic championship reign with over 600 days as champion.

The underdog Sami Zayn celebrates yet another WWE Intercontinental Championship reign with his wife. Because of this, I would give this match an A -. Both wrestlers showcased incredible abilities. This had a Rocky Balboa against Ivan Drago type of feel to this match.

It was fitting this match and outcome happened at Philly and WrestleMania 40.

Quick Break Before Main Event of Night 1

Raw General Manager Adam Pearce and SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis took time to thank the fans for filling the arena. 72, 543 people were in attendance at WrestleMania 40.

Pearce went on to hype up the main event as the biggest tag team match of WrestleMania history. More stars were sighted like George KittleVanessa HudgensDruskiWale, and 2Chainz.

Main Event of Night 1 Entrances

The main event of Night One is a tag team match between Cody Rhodes & WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins against WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and The Rock.

The fans were hyped when Rollins and Rhodes came out, singing along to both of their songs. The Rock comes out with an overkill intro and a custom title as the “Final Boss.”

Finally, Roman Reigns comes out with WWE Hall of Famer, Paul HeymanPat McAfee and Corey Graves raise their fingers to acknowledge the tribal chief. The match had a lot at stake. If Rollins and Rhodes win Rhodes vs Roman at Night 2 becomes a one-on-one match with no interference.

However, if The Rock and Roman Reigns win, then Rhodes vs Roman is scheduled under Bloodline rules. This means no disqualifications, anything goes, and Bloodline can interfere.

Saturday WrestleMania XL Main Event

The match started with an epic stare-down between all four competitors. Former The Shield Brothers and both World Champions, Rollins & Reigns started off the match.

As Seth tried to tag in Rhodes, Reigns quickly tried to run away and looked afraid and mad. Especially when the fans reacted positively to Rhodes. As Rollins & Rhodes tried to double-team Reigns, he went to his corner and tagged in The Rock.

The Rock used his strength to his advantage. Every move he hit he would mock Rhodes until finally Rhodes was tagged in. Rhodes was not faced by The Rock and quickly began attacking The Rock. Rhodes & Rollins were teaming up pretty well, they had good tag team chemistry.

Both of them were outwrestling Reigns & The Rock. The first highlight of the match was Rollins drinking Prime energy drink and spitting it on The Rock.

Match Turned Into No DQ/No Count Outs

Stakes were high for this WrestleMania 40 main event. The Rock threatened to fire the referee mid-match for going for a countout.

As it seemed to be a No Disqualification Match now, Rollins & The Rock were fighting on one side of the arena. While Reigns & Rhodes were on the other side fighting it out. Rollins jumped from the barricade into The Rock. As The Rock distracted the ref, Roman slammed Rollins to the floor.

Rock & Roman kept targeting the injured knee of Rollins. Which was not good for Rollins, who is set to defend his championship tomorrow night against Drew McIntyre.

Reigns & Rock were smart at this point of the match. They kept wrestling at a slower pace, slowly injuring Rollins. Trying to not give the speed advantage to Rhodes & Rollins. With no partner to tag as Roman hit Rhodes, Rock hit a sharpshooter on an injured Rollins.

Rhodes Takes Control

Cody Rhodes slapped The Rock and the tables started turning for Rhodes & Rollins. An injured Rollins hit a curb stomp on The Rock and tagged in Rhodes. Who quickly took control with a Cody Cutter & Disaster Kick to Reigns. Rhodes then hit another Cody Cutter to Reigns.

As Rhodes went for another Disaster Kick Reigns hit a Superman Punch to Rhodes. As Rhodes kicked out, Reigns seemed to be bleeding from his nose. Reigns went for a spear but Rhodes countered with a tag and Cody Cutter to Reigns. Rollins hit a frog splash on Reigns and Reigns kicked out again.

Meanwhile, Heyman was crying because he was worried for his tribal chief. As Rollins went for a Curve Stomp Reigns hit a power bomb to Rollins. However, Rhodes and Rollins countered with a double super kick. Rollins hit a Curve Stomp to Reigns and Rhodes continued with a CrossRhodes.

As Rhodes went for the win, The Rock threw the referee outside of the ring. A ticked-off Rhodes was low-blowed and speared by Reigns. Rock threw in the ref to count and Rhodes still kicked out.

Night 1 Main Event Had a Bunch of Highlights

Reigns hit a submission move on Rhodes as The Rock held the legs of Rhodes. Rollins hit a Curve Stomp to Reigns as this was happening. The Rock looked at the Rhodes family and brought out the belt. He kept running his mouth to the mother of Rhodes saying he was gonna hit Rhodes with the belt.

Rhodes then turned things around for a bit until The Rock hit a spinebuster to Rhodes. He went for a People’s Elbow but Rhodes countered with another Cody Cutter. As he went for the Cross Rhodes, he got hit with a Superman Punch from Reigns.

Reigns went for a spear on Cody and Rollins with the huge save. Reings ended up spearing The Rock to the shock and dismay of Reings. Rhodes and Rollins hit a double pedigree on their opponents to show respect to Triple H. The Rock continued to scream and yell at Rhodes’ mom.

The Rock tried to Rock Bottom Rhodes into a table but Rollins distracted Rock. Rhodes hit Rock with a Rock Bottom to the table. Then Reigns hit a spear to Rollins through the barricade.

Night 1 Main Event Concluded

As Rhodes dragged The Rock inside the ring, Reigns hit Rhodes with a drive-by. Rhodes and Reigns threw back-to-back punches. Then Rhodes hits Reigns with two Cross Rhodes.

As he goes for a third one, The Rock hits Rhodes with the belt. Reigns capitalizes with a spear. Rock ordered Reigns to tag him in. The Rock hits Rhodes with a Rock Bottom. He follows it with a People’s Elbow and The Rock pins Cody Rhodes.

Another predictable outcome for The Bloodline. As Rhodes and Rollins seem to win Bloodline always helps one another. The match was a pretty high A. It was the best match of the night. It had everything. Wrestling moves, emotion, storyline, everything was great.

This had so much drama and it ended up being a great match. Reigns, Rhodes, and Rollins all had to carry The Rock struggled for quite a bit. Rhodes was the best of the night.

However, Bloodline seemed to be on top as Rhodes and Rollins looked disappointed. WrestleMania 40 Night One was great, but Night Two tomorrow will be even better. It will be a whole movie when Rhodes and Reigns main event for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Night Two under Bloodline Rules.

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