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WWE Speed: Potential Speedsters That Could Compete

A photo of NXT Superstar Axiom, a potential competitor for WWE Speed.

As announced on WWE’s Twitter account on 27th March 2024, WWE will be launching a brand-new tournament. WWE Speed will be hosted on Twitter and performers will compete in three-minute matches, to crown an inaugural “WWE Speed Champion”.


With the three-minute time limit on these matches, it seems a perfect occasion to showcase some of the most under-appreciated talents on the roster.

Now, I understand that some matches have been taped for WWE Speed already, and a couple of the superstars on this list are highly likely to feature. However, until the first episode drops, nothing is official, so let’s have some fun in making predictions.


Over the years, Ricochet has made a name for himself as one of the most impressive professional wrestlers, and his feats of physicality are incredible to behold.

His ability to use his body as a weapon and throw himself around the ring without much care for his well-being has made him a vital asset to WWE’s roster and surely should make him one of the first names entered into this WWE Speed tournament.

Ricochet has proven himself capable of putting on excellent matches with performers of any size and his athletic ability lends itself very well to the shortened match format.


One of the fastest-moving stars in NXT should be given a chance to shine in this new tournament.

Axiom has been a staple on NXT for months now and his performances have been stellar. Similar to Ricochet, his innate athleticism lends itself nicely to a fast-paced format and it would be incredible to see him throw caution to the wind against fellow speedsters. 

Also, a recent report explained that Axiom has been drawing praise from those backstage for his speed and agility. That should be an indicator of his talent, and a perfect excuse to give him more exposure to a wider audience.

Nathan Frazer

Axiom’s tag partner and fellow favorer of flips, Nathan Frazer was also given high praise for his speed in recent weeks. Interestingly, it has been reported that WWE officials are growing concerned that other members of the roster can’t keep up with Frazer’s in-ring pace.

Rather than trying to slow him down, WWE would be wise to put him into this tournament and give him a platform to shine. 

Letting him work his magic in three minutes alongside the likes of those previously mentioned would be an exceptional way to introduce his style of wrestling to a wider, more mainstream audience.

Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis

This may not be a name that everybody thinks of when brainstorming contenders for this tournament, but hear me out.

With Cedric Alexander having already taped matches for WWE Speed, it leaves his brand-new tag team partner without much of an objective on the card. So, I’d put Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis into the tournament too.

The former Hit Row member hasn’t been featured in a televised match since July 2023, but he has been consistently working ‘Dark’ matches in 2024 and deserves an opportunity to showcase his abilities.

Dragon Lee

Another luchador who thrives in a fast-paced match, Dragon Lee has become embroiled in the LWO vs. Legado Del Fantasma storyline lately.

However, it would be logical to give him a chance to strut his stuff in shorter matches. It would allow him to stay at the forefront of fans’ minds without getting lost in the shuffle of the Rey Mysterio/Santos Escobar feud.

Simply put, Dragon Lee’s ability to hurtle around the ring should make him a shoo-in for this tournament.

Je’Von Evans

The former Jay Malachi would be an interesting wildcard to throw into this tournament. At just 20 years old, Evans has had a couple of matches on NXT: LVL UP since signing with WWE and his performances have been as exciting as expected.

Fans of DPW will be familiar with Evans’ work as Jay Malachi, as he held the DPW World Championship and put on many instant classics during his time there.

Je’Von Evans should be considered for this tournament, if only as an opportunity to give the young man more exposure. A future star in his own right, and it would be amazing to see him given a chance to work with some of the more seasoned stars in WWE on this stage.

There are almost definitely names missing from this list, but these are just six of the first names that came to mind. If there’s anyone else that you believe should be involved that isn’t listed here, let us know!

I’m excited to see how the format works, and looking forward to the launch of WWE Speed on April 3rd.

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