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Flipping the Table: What if Roman Reigns Loses at WWE WrestleMania 40?

A photo of WWE WrestleMania XL main-eventers Roman Reigns and The Rock.

There has not been a more dominant world champion in the modern era than Roman Reigns. With a rematch against his rival, who almost won the title last time, The Bloodline may be left wondering: what if Roman Reigns loses at WrestleMania 40?

The Rock is back. His story with Cody Rhodes has started to overshadow that planned main event. Their tag team match scheduled for the first night will be big business for WWE.

With so much interest in a non-title match, it may prove a point of contention. Namely, the title doesn’t necessarily need to be on Roman for a match with The Rock. Of course, there are different perspectives on that.

Regardless, Roman’s title run seems to be in real jeopardy this time. If Reigns is about to drop his title, and the interest is already fading before WrestleMania, what will he have left over the next few months?

Enter a Rage When Roman Reigns Loses at WrestleMania 40

Roman will be at his weakest point in a long time after a loss to Cody Rhodes. If The Rock wins the match on night one, it could pose a problem for his position at the head of the table.

Rock has already eclipsed Reigns in many ways. He is the focal point on SmackDown and has been calling the shots for The Bloodline since his appearance at the Las Vegas kickoff show. This version of Reigns must fade away, reverting to his old, more violent persona. That is the Roman Reigns that will carry him through the following year. 

Weakening Roman Reigns has helped set up his title run. He relies on family and allies to do his bidding while only appearing when he has to. The original Reigns was violent. For months, Roman, Jey Uso, and Jimmy Uso constantly took people out for long periods.

It helped build the faction into the final boss faction it is today, one that feels big enough to host The Rock. After losing his title, Reigns needs to return, wreck everyone, and leave. He could take out some post-mania NXT call-ups, delaying their debut. This will ensure that Reigns still feels dangerous, even if he isn’t the final boss of WWE. 

Redesign, Rebuild, and Reclaim Seth Rollins

The discourse online is that the Rock and Roman Reigns must fight at WrestleMania. It was the main reason for Cody’s minimal resistance and the #WeWantRocky movement that fizzled out against the #WeWantCody campaign. Truthfully, both matches make the most sense as a WrestleMania moment.

Neither, though, probably need it to be a big deal. Assuming that WWE is going for Rock and Roman at WrestleMania 41, his summer plans can’t be Bloodline-related. The third of his three rivals fits in this situation. Roman can try to defeat the only challenger he hasn’t gotten a win over since the Bloodline began. 

Cody is Roman Reigns’ main rival, Jey Uso is the last man to pin him, and Seth Rollins is the last person to get a victory over his chief. It was by disqualification, but a win is a win.

Roman Reigns should be trying to secure his position against The Rock, an ever-present (if not always physically) force within his family.

Seth Rollins will almost surely be out of the main event picture by the summertime. The beef between the current world champions and former Shield brothers has been an interesting side plot for WrestleMania season.

On truly equal footing again, the architect who claims to have built Reigns can try to destroy his creation while Roman defends his position. 

Roman Reigns Engages in Tribal Combat

If Roman Reigns loses at WrestleMania 40, it will signal a fight for the island of relevancy that culminates in his going one-on-one with the “great one.” A Rock and Roman Reigns match for control of the family is what fans have been craving, even those who aren’t articulating it that way.

Almost nobody cares if Rock wins a world title in 2024. They want to see Roman prove he is the “high chief” of the tribe by beating his family’s actual chief in the ring. With exciting storytelling and a year of proper commitment, WWE can tell that story and send Rock and Roman Reigns off to the greener pastures they crave. 

Perhaps The Rock is the world heavyweight champion on the road to WrestleMania 41. Or maybe both men failed to get a world title shot and blamed the other for the Bloodline’s failure. The setup can be as simple as a face-off, but the stakes are clear. The loser is going away for a long time; the winner is the new head of the family.

Using the Tribal Combat rules adds meaning to an otherwise mid-tier match. It will also let Jimmy, Jey, Solo Sikoa, and, any other tribesman that works with WWE interact with one another. It will end when the run-ins and gimmick-specific spots are finished, with a Spear that creates a new WWE legend in the process. 

So, What if Roman Reigns Loses at WrestleMania 40

If Cody doesn’t win, there will be real concerns that the promotion dropped the ball and fumbled their next big star. Not everyone will say it openly, but the risk is undeniably there. If Roman Reigns loses at WrestleMania 40, though, WWE could be a year away from creating a living wrestling icon.

The longest reign in the modern era is a big deal. Ending that will likely signify the end of Reign’s time as a full-time active competitor, assuming he is considered one now. With talents like John CenaThe Undertaker, and Rock probably retiring for good, WWE needs new attractions.

They need new people who fit into their pantheon of legends for significant premium live events. WWE can build that here. In a shock, Reigns’ failure won’t end the Bloodline. Instead, his success in proving he is head of the table will. In the process, he can shift from being the final boss to a conquering hero to a WWE legend.

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