What’s Next for The Tag Team Landscape In AEW

A photo from AEW Dynamite featuring AEW World Tag Team Champions Sting and Darby Allin.

It was Wednesday Night, you know what that means? New AEW Tag Team Champions! In the main event last night, Darby Allin & “The Icon” Sting became AEW Tag Team Champions for the first time. They defeated Ricky Starks and Big Bill in a tornado tag team match. With Sting’s retirement lingering in the air, and The Young Bucks attacking the new champions from behind what’s next for the tag team landscape in AEW?

What’s Next for The Tag Team Landscape In AEW

What’s next for Ricky Starks & Big Bill

The former champions held the AEW World Tag Team titles for an impressive 123 days. The partnership between the two stars rejuvenated the careers of both athletes. It solidified Starks as a heel in AEW and helped Big Bill stay relevant. Both had memorable matches as a tag team in both AEW Dynamite and AEW Collision. Now that both lost the titles to Sting and Allin what’s next for the two?

Weeks ago Starks said he wanted payback against Sting since Stings humiliated him in Sting’s first AEW match. Now that Sting beat him again, what will Starks do? He seemed to hesitate in the end of the match where it seemed Sting got hurt. That hesitation led to Sting countering the spear with a Scorpion Death Drop to win the match and the titles. Will we get a Starks babyface turn?

Stark’s Hesitation

That hesitation could be exploited by Big Bill and have Bill turn on Starks and have a rivalry between the two. Darby & Sting’s victory could even turn the former champions into faces as they shake the hands of the new champions. More likely scenario both Starks and Bill will ask for a rematch in the coming weeks maybe even at Revolution 2024. Perhaps a triple threat match including the Young Bucks?

What’s Next for The Young Bucks 

The Young Bucks are using the hate of them being VP’s to their advantage. They are two of the most obnoxious heels in AEW at the moment. The Young Bucks are one of the greatest tag teams of our generation and they can capitalize big time by defeating Sting & Darby.

Sting is on the brink of retirement the fans love him at the moment and Darby has always been a fan favorite. To have two “corporate” guys push themselves over Sting’s last match to become Tag Team champions once again would be the biggest heel act for AEW.

What’s next for Sting and Darby Allin

Sting and Darby Allin are looking ahead towards Sunday March 3rd in Greensboro, North Carolina. They are looking to head towards Revolution and defend their championships successfully.

The plan for Darby and Sting, is simple for Sting to retire as champion. At least that is what Darby said his plan is for them. What if they loose the titles before then? Does Darby turn on Sting and we get a one on one between both competitors turning Darby heel in the process?

Or will we get to see the Darby and Sting walk in as champions and walk out as champion. For now the options could be Sting & Allin against The Young Bucks, against Starks & Big Bill, or against both. A triple threat could be the most likely option. Or even a one on one between Sting and Darby.

What does this mean for the rest of the tag team scenery/landscape?

There are many teams looking to make a name for themselves in the AEW roster. However, at the moment it’s clear at least until Revolution the tag team scenery revolves around The Young Bucks, Darby & Sting, and Starks and Big Bill. Which means the rest of the tag team division will have to wait. After Revolution then it is all fair game for everyone else.

The Acclaimed, BlackPool Combat Club, Undisputed Kingdom, The Gunns, Private Party, FTR, The House of Black and the list goes on can have a crack at the championship it’s just a matter of time. For now these teams will need to watch and wait after Revolution and what happens with Sting.

Sting’s AEW Run

The Icon Sting has had one hell of a legendary career. Sting has held championships all over the world. His AEW run has been pretty impressive too. Sting is yet to be defeated in AEW.

He is 14-0 as a tag team with Darby, and a total of 24-0 record in AEW. Sting came into AEW as the biggest Darby Allin supporter. He started AEW with Darby and it is only fitting to end his AEW run with Darby Allin. Whether that is with him or against him we will see both of them in the ring together for Sting’s farewell tour.

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