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No Longer a Diamond Mine in the Rough: What is Next For The Creed Brothers on WWE Raw

The Creed Brothers, with Alpha Academy, on WWE Raw.

After shockingly being kept back in the WWE draft, Julius and Brutus Creed, together with Ivy Nile, known as the Diamond Mine, debuted on the main roster. By the end of a stellar week of programming, fans are clamoring to know what is next for the Creed Brothers on Raw.

A stellar return to NXT the next night might indicate that the duo is only partially on the main roster track. The match could have been a trial run until WWE sorts out their crowded tag team division. It is also possible, though, that the call-up is permanent and that their appearance on NXT is a sign of big things to come for Diamond Mine. 

Assuming they are being called now, they are one of the biggest potential debuts the company currently has. The duo was explosive against the equally impressive Alpha Academy on Monday. Then, they wrestled an outstanding match against two former main roster mainstays, Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza. In both cases, they looked impressive, and each brother looked like their own star. Their presence could mean exciting things for at least one of WWE’s tag team divisions. 

The Creed Brothers are Staying Mainly on NXT for Now

Sometimes, a match is exactly that, and Monday may have just been a match for Julius and Brutus Creed. Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes have both wrestled matches on Raw already. Both superstars have returned to NXT for a considerable time since their matches.

Giving the Creeds that main roster credibility could be an excellent way to reinvigorate the NXT tag team division. Their strong showing can help a rather unconventional team of Chase U develop as credible champions while holding the NXT Tag Team gold. NXT has always had this problem: stars are born and then leave, often without any actual replacements. Sticking around was always seen as a negative. That seems to be changing, though. 

It is improbable that the match on Raw was a one-off. Even if the immediate plan is to keep the trio on NXT, they will absolutely pop up now and again elsewhere. The “forbidden door” between Raw, SmackDown, and NXT is wide open under Triple H

They can still respond to open challenges,  work with previously called-up rivals, or even aid main roster talent in a signature WWE six-man tag. Having them call NXT home will promote that brand to a broader audience and keep Shawn Michael’s momentum going. Doing that while gradually setting a place for them on Raw later would be disheartening for their fans, but it could work in the long run. 

Next for The Creed Brothers on Raw: A Tag Team Revival

When you look at the WWE tag team division, there is a mixture of prominent personalities and makeshift teams. Everyone involved is exceptionally talented. Although the division is often secondary to everyone’s singles stories, the matches have been great. What the show doesn’t have, though, are some traditional tag team wrestlers.

For many, WWE hasn’t had a team of tag team technicians since AEW’s FTR was The Revival feuding with legendary groups like New Day and The Usos. Fans needing more focus on the wrestling over character work and personal grudges will find a new favorite team with Brutus and Julius. 

Next for the Creed Brothers on Raw could be a series of tag team matches with some of the best duos on the roster. They have already had memorable bouts with Pretty Deadly, which the main roster would love. Working directly with the New Day, Brawling Brutes, DIY, or Imperium would be a new match but worth seeing.

One of the few remaining weaknesses in many people’s eyes for WWE is tag team wrestling. Despite making strives to fix it, there is still a lot of work to be done. Having the uber-athletic Creeds go on a year-long wrestling clinic with all the established teams could do a lot to support the division when groups like Judgment Day or Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso move on. 

The Creed Brothers Get Ready to Pass Judgment

The most intriguing possibility is also the most likely. WWE can have Julius and Brutus join the main roster, work with main-event talent, and still fulfill their critical role on NXT. Over the past few months, Rhea Ripley and her Judgment Day faction have featured prominently across Raw, SmackDown, and NXT.

That faction also holds the undisputed WWE Tag Team championships. In looking for a challenger after Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso, the Creed Brothers are the perfect candidates. Fresh, athletic, an established unit, and a connection with NXT all make the feud appealing. In this scenario, the trio may end up on SmackDown and avoid Raw altogether. 

Helping stars like Wes Lee, Cody Rhodes, or Kevin Owens fight off Judgment Day will give them significant exposure. Meanwhile, their presence on NXT will make each episode feel like must-see television, something other main roster acts have been doing more of. The constant appearances from Judgment Day might be getting old for some. For most fans, though, they are still very invested in that group, and the Creeds joining the heroes standing against them is the best idea as to what is next for the Creed Brothers on Raw.

The Future is Bright for the Creed Brothers

Regardless of their short-term plans, The Creed Brothers will have quite an impact on Raw. This is unsurprising, given how they evolved NXT after that show’s 2.0 rebrand. A new slate of matches for the duo is enticing, as is their staying on NXT, a super hot property right now.

The possibility of the Creeds working against familiar enemies pulled away in the WWE draft or getting involved in the ongoing story powering a surge in WWE’s popularity over the last year would also be huge for some really talented performers. There is a lot of potential for the WWE tag team division with Diamond Mine in it. What is next for the Creed Brothers will ultimately revolve around what WWE is willing to do. 

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