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Preview: GCW Homecoming (8/19/23) – Night One

Promotional material for Night One of GCW Homecoming 2023.

Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) is ready to celebrate another year of its own brand of violence in the only place comfortable enough to house the chaos, Atlantic City, New Jersey on Saturday, August 19th. GCW has staked claim to Atlantic City by consistently displaying some of the best national, independent, and international talents.

Through the years, Game Changer Wrestling has seen crowds excitedly pile into venues across the country, but none have proven themselves diehards like the Atlantic City crowd. Hosted over two nights, GCW Homecoming is the ‘Mania of independent wrestling shows. This year’s GCW Homecoming brings a plethora of styles that will surely attract fans from around the country. Prepare yourselves for two nights of pain and gain.

Rina Yamashita (c) vs. Takashi Sasaki – GCW Ultraviolent Title Match

Rina Yamashita enters this match as not only the current GCW Ultraviolent Champion but also an experienced deathmatch competitor. She’s seen victory in the Tournament of Survival 8, having claimed victories over Kasey Kirk, Sawyer Wreck, and John Wayne Murdoch.

This defense could be challenging though, as Takashi Sasaki is also experienced in ultraviolent warfare. Sasaki, a regular for Japan’s Freedom promotion, has been involved in brutal battles with the likes of Jun Kasai and Violento Jack. Both competitors are out for not only blood but also the opportunity to retain or capture gold.

Alec Price vs. Leon Slater

Fresh off what is his biggest victory to date in winning the IWTV Championship, Alex Price looks to continue his newly found winning path against Leon Slater. Price’s previous victory in GCW was on August 7th and has since suffered a few losses prior to winning the IWTV title. Leon Slater, however, was able to break even in his last GCW appearances with a win over Jack Cartwheel and a loss to Extreme Tiger. A win here for either Price or Slater could be the turning point for them in GCW.

Violento Jack vs. Matt Tremont – Death Match

When Deathmatch fans think of icons of the domain, Matt Tremont and Violento Jack both come to mind. Tremont has a long-storied career in America and has become a staple of deathmatch culture. His east coast upbringing in the pro wrestling scene has created one of the toughest deathmatch wrestlers of the modern era.

However, Violento Jack of the Japanese promotion Freedom is not green to the deathmatch field of battle. Having served 19 years in the ring, his form of violence is often reserved for the toughest opponents and not a newcomer. Regardless of who picks up the victory, the ring crew should be ready for a long night of cleanup after this match.

Cole Radrick & John Wayne Murdoch vs. TBD & Toru Sugiura – Tag Team Death Match

Cole Radrick finds a solid and experienced partner in John Wayne Murdoch. Both men have competed against each other in GCW, and both have battled it out in deathmatches. While Radrick brings innovation to the team, Murdoch presents a ruthless brawling take-no-prisoners attitude. These two will surely complement each other when presented with the unknown competitor and the seasoned Toru Sugiura. This match has the potential to be a beautiful disaster.

Gringo Loco vs. Arez vs. Komander vs. El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Alex Zayne vs. Ninja Mack – Six-Way Scramble Match

Scramble Matches are some of the most entertaining bouts featured on GCW’s cards. This scramble, however, looks to be an aerial spectacle that will leave everyone’s jaws unhinged and dragging the floor. All competitors featured have made it known they are not friends with gravity and will make even seasoned luchadors of the past surely cringe. A certain writer needs to plan on potentially expanding past five stars after witnessing this feature.

Crazy King & Los Macizos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) vs. Thrussy (Allie Katch, Dark Sheik & Effy) – Six-Man Tag Team Match

The concept of six-man tag matches continues to garner more appreciation and this one will only work to better the appeal. Crazy King & Los Macizos are looking to make a name for themselves as a trio, all the while Thrussy continues to build on their reputation. The story of this is as simple as two teams looking to wreck each other and continue dominance. This is not a love story per se, but you’d be hard-pressed not to acknowledge every involved talent’s sadist tendency.

Joey Janela & Sawyer Wreck vs. Charles Mason & Parrow – Double Dog Collar Match

This matchup looks like something struck from the pages of Stephen King, the soundtrack to Castlevania, and the direction of a John Carpenter movie. The “Bad Boy” Joey Janela represents a mix of the old and new violence. Sawyer Wreck wants to wreak havoc on everyone. Charles Mason is your leading villain for your favorite ninety’s slasher film. And Parrow is the beast within that finds a way out.

Throw these four in a tag dog collar match and you are sure to be thrown back to an older, more brutal form of violence. This is primitive combat in a new-age format.

Matt Cardona & Steph De Lander vs. Maki Death Kill (Maki Itoh & Nick Gage) – Tag Team Match

This is the match that GCW fans have been drooling over for nearly six months. Fans get the chance to witness Matt Cardona and Nick Gage go unhinged and lay waste to get each other. They also bear witness to the first meeting between Maki Itoh and Steph De Lander since the inception of Maki Death Kill. If you are into the idea of buckets of blood, sweat, and tears then this will speak volumes to you.

With eight high-profile matches scheduled for GCW Homecoming Night One, you must question the need for a second night. Will any competitors be in condition for the following night? What does the future of GCW look like following the end of night one? Tune into FITE TV on Saturday, August 19th at 8 pm ET to find out!

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