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The Indie Frenzy: Billie Starkz Interview

Billie Starkz interview - Starkz vs Rika Tatsumi International Princess Championship match graphic

Starting at an early age, Billie Starkz was fascinated with the world of professional wrestling. As she began to train and work independent shows as early as age 16, her name and talents spread quickly through the pro wrestling community. After a great showing in the 2022 Scenic City Invitational Tournament, Billie Starkz began garnering mass attention from other promoters within the US and abroad. She was recently ranked as #52 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 150 Women Wrestlers. Through hard work, she has worked for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW). With all that mentioned, she recently gave more details and insight into her early start in professional wrestling and her future outlook.

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Billie Starkz Interview

Growing up, who were the biggest influences in the televised world of professional wrestling that sparked your interest in becoming a full-time talent?

Starkz: “Bayley, during her time in NXT.”

Were there local independent talents that you admired growing up?

Starkz: “Necro Butcher”

Where did you get your start training and who were your mentors?

Starkz: “Grindhouse Pro Wrestling with Aaron La Motta and Rudy Switchblade.”

If you had the opportunity to pursue an alternate career path, what would that be and why?

Starkz: “Probably a yoga trainer. I just want to stay physically active and yoga became a big part of my life during the pandemic.”

What is your favorite match you’ve had?

Starkz: “Me vs Nick Wayne at JCW.”

What was working in Japan like for you?

Starkz: “It was an amazing experience and something I dreamed about for so long.”

What has the transition from typical school day to world travel been like?

Starkz: “Pretty smooth and I love it! I’m maintaining my grades but still traveling and seeing the world.”

if you had a dream Mania Main Event, what would it entail?

Starkz: “Probably a crazy ladder match for a title.”

Any matches scheduled for Mania weekend to highlight?

Starkz: “TJPW and a few GCW. More to be announced!”

How does working for bigger indie promotions like GCW and Wrestling Revolver compare to smaller promotions?

Starkz: “They give me top talent to learn and help my growth as a wrestler.”

Who’s an indie talent you’d like to work that you’ve not had a chance to and why?

Starkz: “Vert Vixen. I think she is on the top of her game right now and would love to push each other’s limits.”

Best in ring advice and who gave it?

Starkz: “A guy at Rockstar Pro, years ago before I started wrestling, told me to be a good person. I believe that gets you further than anything else in or outside a wrestling ring.”

What is your biggest fear in the ring?

Starkz: “Getting hurt and not being able to wrestle because I truly love being in a ring.”

Where do you see your career in 10 years?

Starkz: “Making money and traveling all over the world doing what I love!”

Make sure to follow and like all things Billie Starkz on all her social media and watch for her as she looks to continue to rise to the top, not only the indie scene, but the big leagues as well. Make sure to check out STL Anarchy on April 14 in Alton, IL as Billie Starkz battles Aaron Williams.

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