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Rey Mysterio’s Against The Ropes Hits Netflix

Against the Ropes - celebrity guest Rey Mysterio at C2E2

A new comedy-drama featuring WWE superstar Rey Mysterio Jr. hits Netflix this week (January 25). Against The Ropes follows Ángela as she looks for redemption following her release from prison for a crime she didn’t commit. 

Fresh out the slammer, Ángela finds her daughter now idolizes her father’s new girlfriend because she is the famous luchador Candy Caramelo. In a bid to win her daughter’s respect, she trains and begins a career in Lucha Libre as The Bride In Black. 

Are any Wrestlers In Against The Ropes?

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Caraly Sánchez plays the lead role of Ángela (The Bride In Black). With Scarlet Gruber as Candy Caramelo.  Rey Mysterio Jr. turns up during the show to announce the winner of the showdown match between Candy Caramelo and The Bride In Black will also earn a chance in the WWE. 

Legendary luchador KeMonito also makes a cameo in the show. Struggling to put a face to the KeMonito name? He’s the mini luchador that wears a full-body suit resembling a blue monkey. Still can’t picture him? See the embedded Tweet below.  

Any Wrestling?

Much like fellow Netflix show GLOW, Against The Ropes will feature lots of wrestling training scenes and plenty of in-ring action. 

The show will follow the wrestling structure of working towards a final in-ring battle between good and evil. 

 I’m Sold, Where And When?

Against The Ropes drops on Netflix on January, 25, 2023.  You can see the English-language trailer here.  

Desperate for entertainment between now and Against The Ropes dropping? It’s already dropped and you’ve binged it and need more entertainment? Ok. Here’s another classic KeMonito moment for you.

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