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Who Is Action Andretti? – AEW’s Miracle Worker

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December 14, 2022 is a day that we should all look back on fondly. This was the day of the third annual Winter is Coming show by AEW and this will be something special to look back on one day.

Who is Action Andretti?

Chris Jericho lost his ROH World Title to Claudio Castagnoli at Ring of Honor Final Battle this past weekend and “The Ocho” was not happy about it. He announced at Winter is Coming that he needed a tuneup match after his loss and called his opponent a jobber. This would set the tone early that the crowd should get behind his opponent, and they did not disappoint.

Jericho came out to the ring and his opponent, Action Andretti, was already standing in the ring. While the crowd may not have liked his odds, they quickly got behind Andretti with chants of “let’s go jobber”. After getting smacked around a bit by Jericho, the tide started to turn after some near falls and then Andretti came out firing off some very impressive moves. Quickly, the crowd had jumped away from the jobber chants and started cheering for him by name.

At this point, the crowd probably still didn’t think Andretti would win his debut match against someone like “The Ocho”, but they absolutely wanted him to. As the match moved on, the unbelievable happened. Andretti reversed Jericho and spiked him on his head, went to the corner and did a running shooting star press and the match ended, 123. After the match Andretti ran around the ring celebrating with fans and even did a stage dive into the crowd while Jericho looked on in disbelief. After all of this though, one question remains. Who is Action Andretti?

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A relative newcomer to professional wrestling, Philadelphia native, Andretti has only been in the business for about 3 years. He is mostly known on the independent circuit in the North East part of the country, doing shows in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, etc. He has wrestled for numerous companies in the area, and has become a prominent member of the CZW roster, giving fans a reason to get on their feet night in and night out and even earning a spot in the upcoming prestigious Best of the Best tournament. He is also the current MCW Heavyweight Champion. It should be noted that many huge stars have come out of both of these promotions and he looks primed to be the next in line.

Don’t think for a second that he is unaccomplished just because he is new. All the big names were new at one point, but not many of them beat someone the caliber of Chris Jericho on their first night on television. How did this happen so fast?

On top of his work on the independent circuit, Andretti had also worked a few AEW Dark episodes for YouTube. In his most recent one, October 11, 2022 against QT Marshall, Jericho saw something in Andretti and decided that night that not only was he going to be a star, but he was going to make him a star. The minute that he lost the ROH title, the plans were in motion to bring Andretti to TV and shock the world.

We will have to tune in and see what is next for Action Andretti now that he has officially signed with AEW. One thing is for certain. You will not want to miss a minute of this young man’s career as he shows the world that he is truly “The Sight to See”.

We hope this has answered the question, who is Action Andretti?

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