Former NWA World Champion Tim Storm Is Still Kicking It Old School

A longtime grappler and one of the most respected men in professional wrestling, Tim Storm keeps on showing the world why he was chosen to take center stage

Contrary to popular belief? Former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact? He’s still the King of Rock.

Storm, now 58, re-mixed the wrestling world when he was made the franchise player of the National Wrestling Alliance back in 2016.  At a time when most competitors are about to call it their swan song? He took center stage and rocked the house. He carried the banner better the better than any of them ever expected.

In fact? He raised the roof. Then, he blew the roof off the place.

Known for many years as a ‘good hand’ and someone who could help fill out a card? He eventually became the Big Poppa who was wearing the Ten Pounds of Gold. All of a sudden?  The guy who spent years putting hustle behind his muscle was the chosen one. And at the end of the day, he dropped it like it was hot.

So? Let’s just cool it now, and hear what the grand master himself had to say… DRUMS PLEASE.

When Speaking With Last Word on Sports, Tim Storm Discussed His Career and Much More

And even though he is steadily moving from his in-ring career to other endeavors, he still laces them up from time to time. And when he steps through those ropes? Back up, back up. ‘Cause it’s on… and he just showed up to regulate.

“You, it’s funny,” Storm said. “I know I’m at a point where I’m transitioning to being a broadcaster now, but I still feel that feeling of wanting to be back in the ring once in a while. I grew up playing sports my life, and I think you never want to give that up.”

“At the same time, I’m realistic. I know I don’t have forever to do this. I felt the same way when Billy (Corgan) made me his champion. I figured a guy my age probably wouldn’t be in that position for very long. And I understood that. But I am so grateful for the opportunity he and the NWA gave me, because it turned out to be something really special, I think.”

“That run kinda gave me a chance to really find out who I was, maybe even for the first time in my career. So, I just tried to do my best to carry myself like a champion and respect the tradition of that belt.”

Storm Is a Man of Many Talents, Tastes and Skills

When he’s not breaking necks and cashing checks? Storm is an educator. In much the same way he tries to be an example for his many fans, he does the same for his students. The kids have been a part of his story, as his dual roles are so different.

Ironically? For a country boy who grew up in Arkansas, he has amusing, eclectic tastes. An admitted fan of old rock and roll and country music, he laughs about his love of old-school hip hop also.

So, he’s a Son of the South with an extra dash of soul. It’s part of his versatility. He can go from Cash to Cool J… all in a hot minute.

“It’s so funny, my buddies and I joke around about that,” he said. “But, seriously, I can listen to anything. It just sort of depends on whatever mood I’m in, you know?”

“When you’re in the car or the gym, you’re always trying to find something to take your mind off of things or lock-in and stay focused. Especially when you’re on the road. So whatever it is? I don’t care, as long as it sounds good.”

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But, Please? Don’t Call It a Comeback. He’s Been Here for Years

While some fans may not have discovered Storm until he captured his coveted title, most wrestling observers knew of his reputation for years. He was known for being a total professional and quietly going about his business.

The veteran laid low in the underground… just waiting to be discovered.  As if we’re in the studio, just waiting to write the next lyric of his song. Waiting for his shot. That’s when Billy Corgan put him out in front of the people, and he blew up the stage. The vignettes that Corgan produced told about Storm’s backstory. The Smashing Pumpkins lead singer and rock legend perfectly framed what the man himself was all about.

Tim Storm has proven that it’s never too late to take your place on the stage. And at the end of the day? That’s a lesson we should all learn from him. Because it’s the ultimate mic drop.

“Look.. If you had one shot? One opportunity? To seize everything you ever wanted… would you capture it?”
“Or just let it slip?


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