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Preview: Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory, Season 3 Episode 8 (11/25/21)

Uncharted Wrestling Season 3 Episode 8

The eighth episode of Season 3 of Uncharted Territory is to feature some big names, which makes for some big matches, perhaps the biggest of all this season! Wrestlers from many television-based promotions such as All Elite Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling, and Ring of Honor collide with wrestlers not as frequently on television. This is going to be a can’t miss Thanksgiving day show!

Uncharted Territory, Season 3 Episode 8 – Full Card

Waves and Curlz Brick City Boyz

Waves and Curls vs Brick City Boyz

Waves and Curls have been on an absolute roll in the Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet. The energy that they bring as a tag team, combined with the action inside of the ring, has made them fan favorites to the Beyond audience. It might feel like a difficult task, because of that, for Brick City Boyz to win over the crowd but they will likely be more focused on winning the match. If anyone can take it to Waves and Curls, Brick City Boyz can, having made a name for themselves throughout the New England area. This will be the seventh time that Waves and Curls fight in the Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet, but they can only hope that it won’t be their last.

Shook Crew Mane Event

Shook Crew vs The Mane Event

The Mane Event were the first tag team to hold the title in the Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet this season, though they quickly lost it to Waves and Curls. Shook Crew are Beyond Wrestling staples and look to bring forth a tag team match the likes of which most others have not seen. These two teams actually have only previously wrestled once before which happened to be just mere days prior at Pro Wrestling GRIND. The Mane Event picked up a hard-fought victory there, so it would stand to reason that Shook Crew has taken that into consideration and will be looking for that revenge win.

Matt Makowski Slade Uncharted Territory

Matt Makowski vs Slade

Matt Makowski is one of the most dangerous wrestlers in the world today. The way that he can turn almost any situation into a submission and lock on that armbar to force a tap out is beyond impressive. Slade is also a very dangerous wrestler, but he is a different type of dangerous. While Slade can throw a suplex if needed, it will be interesting to see if this match turns into one of weapons or one of a more technical nature. Slade will be able to hang with his opponent on this show in a technical wrestling sense for a little while, but the longer that goes on, the more the match favors Makowski. Should there be weapons involved, and the referee turns a blind eye, victory will be closer to Slade.

Trish Adora Suge D Uncharted Territory

Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Championship: Trish Adora (c) vs Suge D

Trish Adora has had two successful title defenses so far this season on Uncharted Territory: against Eel O’Neal and Jordan Blade. This title defense might be a bit different for Adora, however, as Suge D is an eighteen-year veteran of professional wrestling and just earlier this month these two were tag team partners. Back at Reverse the Curse, Suge D and Trish Adora took a loss to The Kings of the District, which Suge D was not happy about. It almost felt as if Suge D was blaming Adora for the loss. Now, Suge D is going to get that chance to make a statement by potentially taking the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Championship. However, many have tried to take that title from Trish Adora and many have come up short.

Masha Slamovich Charli Evans

Masha Slamovich vs Charli Evans

Since coming to the U.S. from Australia to wrestle overseas, Charli Evans has been putting on some of the best matches. While there might be a long list of competitors for Evans to get into the ring with before she goes back to Australia, one of the names on the top of that list has to be Masha Slamovich. These are two wrestlers set to destroy whatever is put in their path. This match will come down to a test of wills as one of the two will eventually have to give. Who that will be is uncertain but watching them reach that point, perhaps shedding some blood along the way, will make everyone who watches this match the true winners.

Max Caster Teddy Goodz Uncharted Territory

Max Caster vs Teddy Goodz

Max Caster returned to Uncharted Territory last week and seemed to rain on the birthday party of Teddy Goodz. This match was announced prior to that, but it just seems now like this might be some extra fuel to the fire of Goodz. Everyone knows that Caster will have some diss rap planned, but the question is whether his opponent will also rap. Still, two of the most impressive wrestlers out there right now, this match should be a lot of fun… Until it’s not.

Matt Taven Alec Price

Matt Taven vs Alec Price

Alec Price holds recent wins over Slade, RSP, and Tracy Williams in Beyond Wrestling. The new Limitless Wrestling Champion also just seems to see his stock rising everywhere he goes. Matt Taven is currently one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions, but that just means that he’s good at being a tag team wrestler and this is a singles match. This will certainly be a test for Taven but much like Williams before him, it is a matter of whether or not Taven is ready for what Price brings to the table.

Uncharted Wrestling Season 3 Episode 8

Ryan Galeone vs Mike Bennett

While Ryan Galeone has losses to Slade and Brody King, which are nothing to laugh at, he also has recent victories over Dak Draper and Aaron Rourke. It could be said that towards the beginning of this season, Galeone was trying to find a winning way and now that he has found it, he might be unstoppable. Mike Bennett, on the other hand, is one of the most technically sound wrestlers in the world today, in addition to one-half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions. While Bennett has had more matches outside of ROH than in it this year, the fact that he lost to Effy but defeated Danhausen in New South Pro Wrestling sums up how this match could go either way. Regardless, it’s going to be one to go out of your way to watch and it might just make Ryan Galeone an even bigger star.

Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory Season 3 Episode 8 takes place live from the White Eagle in Worcester, MA and on IWTV on November 25, 2021. Additional information and tickets can be found at

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