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Preview: Battle Club Pro & Jobber Tears Podcast – Jobberslam: Above the Ring (7/31/21)

Jobberslam Above the Ring

Battle Club Pro returned from the pandemic with May the Franchise Reign on May 29, 2o21. At that show, it was announced that the next show would be co-run with The Jobber Tears Podcast, as it was supposed to happen during the pandemic but was canceled. Through invitation-only, BCP and JTP present to you Jobberslam: Above the Ring with ten exciting matches.

Jobberslam: Above the Ring Full Card

Yahya vs O’Shay Edwards

In May, a tournament took place to determine the first-ever Battle Club Pro Franchise Champion. Along with Darius Carter and Bonesaw Brooks, O’Shay Edwards and Yahya met in a first-round match. Yahya is big and can hold his own in the ring while Edwards also appears larger than life and has been making quite the name for himself in promotions such as Ring of Honor. This is going to be a great battle of the big men at Jobberslam: Above the Ring.

NYWK vs The Rep vs Mr. Grim and Eran Ashe vs GRIT

This four-way tag team match might just have the most to prove. NYWK seem to be making their comeback, The Rep have been on a roll as of late, Mr. Grim and Eran Ashe are a makeshift tag team so it will be interesting to see how well they work together, and GRIT will have the most to prove. This could be anyone’s match but it will hit hard and move fast.

Saieve Al Sabah vs KC Navarro

Two of perhaps the most decorated wrestlers in the world right now are going to collide. Saieve Al Sabah is the current Pro Wrestling Magic Junior Heavyweight Champion while KC Navarro just signed with Major League Wrestling. This match stands to be the personification of, “if you blink, you might miss something.”

Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Championship Match: Trish Adora (c) vs Trevor Aeon

Trish Adora has been making a name for herself in ROH, Beyond Wrestling, Women’s Wrestling Revolution Plus, Global Syndicate Wrestling, and anywhere smart enough to book her. Trevor Aeon has wrestled for All Elite Wrestling and, quite frankly, he is just plain scary. Adora has seen many opponents in her time wrestling but she has never seen one quite like Aeon and that should make for an interesting match-up.

Savannah Evans vs Darius Carter

To know Darius Carter is to boo Darius Carter. Savannah Evans is going to be tough to keep down and her raw strength could be the key to defeating Carter. However, Carter is not one to be underestimated, as his wrestling knowledge exceeds that of almost everyone else. Carter will surely be able to lock on a submission hold. The question this match will answer is, will he be able to keep it on long enough to force Evans to tap out?

Prolific vs Shane Taylor Promotions

While Prolific has had most of their matches in Warriors Of Wrestling in New York City, Shane Taylor Promotions has been crushing the competition in ROH. Shane Taylor is enough of a threat but with Kaun and Moses, Shane Taylor Promotions seems to be unstoppable in trios action. Prolific has a lot to gain by winning this match but it is going to be their toughest test to date.

Masha Slamovich vs Steve Pena

Sometimes when you argue with a co-worker, you get sent to HR. In wrestling, when trainers at The Fallout have a disagreement, they end up in a match, such as the case here. Steve Pena is unpredictable and can pull off a win in a number of ways. Masha Slamovich is tough as hell and could perhaps be more than Pena can handle.

Battle Club Pro Franchise Championship: Mik Drake (c) vs Mysterious Q

Mysterious Q is a Texas-based wrestler who happens to be a former New Texas Pro Wrestling Champion. Mik Drake became the Battle Club Pro Franchise Champion at the last Battle Club Pro show after winning the aforementioned tournament. The first title defense of Drake is going to be a good one as Mysterious Q is no stranger to gold and will have the Brooklyn crowd on his side.

Battle Club Pro Tag Team Championship: The Sea Stars (c) vs The Mane Event

Following a fantastic match at May the Franchise Reign, The Sea Stars and The Mane Event also had a match in Limitless Wrestling at Patience is a Virtue. This match put The Sea Stars up 2-0 against The Mane Event but you have to believe that Jay Lyon and Midas Black might have Delmi Exo and Ashley Vox figured out now. This match will be fast-paced, high flying, and intense.

Battle Club Pro ICONS Championship: Tasha Steelz (c) vs Big Swole

One of the great things about professional wrestling outside of WWE is that it seems to be in the age where any match you can dream of could potentially happen, regardless of what promotion the competitors might work for at the time. Tasha Steelz has been making her name known in IMPACT Wrestling while Big Swole has taken AEW by storm. Now, the two will meet in an inter-promotional dream match.

Tasha Steelz and Big Swole will certainly be fighting for not only the Battle Club Pro ICONS Championship but bragging rights. It is to be assumed that there is pride in here as well given the IMPACT vs. AEW rivalry.

From top to bottom, this ten-card match will certainly deliver and no one on this entire show should go overlooked. Tasha Steelz vs Big Swole is the main event. With that said, there are numerous other matches on here that feel like they could headline any card, as well as some matches which simply might take the viewers by surprise. When the wrestling world awakes again on Sunday, this will certainly be the talk of it.

Battle Club Pro and The Jobber Tears Podcast present Jobberslam: Above the Ring on July 31, 2021, from an undisclosed location in Brooklyn, NY. For tickets and more information, please message Battle Club Pro directly on Twitter at

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