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Match Point: The Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle, AEW Blood and Guts (5/5/21)

The Inner Circle The Pinnacle AEW Blood and Guts

Two factions, one war. The match to end it all, Blood and Guts. This has been a long time coming between Chris Jericho and MJF. The Inner Circle welcomed MJF, albeit with hesitation from certain team members. Still, he chose to be Judas and plotted against the very group he called his brothers, forming The Pinnacle.  Some were shocked, but most weren’t. If anybody knows one thing about Maxwell Jacob Friedman, it’s that he’s in the business of making everything about him.

That very thing indeed happened when, on an episode of AEW Dynamite, disaster struck The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle came to be. Calling this “personal” would an understatement. Once these two teams are locked inside unforgiving steel, you know blood will be spilled and careers will be shortened. Now, let’s take a deeper look at how this match came to be between The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle.

Salt of the Earth: The Pinnacle

One man to rule them all. From day one, MJF has strived to be that man. It’s clear to everyone that this young man will do anything to be on top of this business. No ceiling too high and no method too low, Maxwell Jacob Friedman has only one thing in mind and that’s being the absolute best by any means necessary. When he saw an opportunity to destroy The Inner Circle from within, he took it. He became one of them. MJF blended amongst them and treated them like brothers. Little did the faction know that, from the very beginning., MJF always wanted to take their place. “The Salt of the Earth” would slowly but methodically create tension in The Inner Circle. He created a rift amongst them.

As he plotted against them, MJF was also recruiting like-minded people to be by his side. Then, the unthinkable happened. Shawn Spears, FTR, Wardlow, and the legend Tully Blanchard were individuals who shared the same vision as MJF. In a blink of an eye, The Pinnacle destroyed the most dominant faction in All Elite Wrestling. When The Inner Circle thought MJF would zig, he zagged. He was cornered but not for long. His brothers from The Pinnacle made the biggest statement they could ever make by putting the competition out of commission for almost a month. The Inner Circle was absolutely obliterated by The Pinnacle.

After the horrendous attack, MJF and his boys ran their mouths for over three weeks, claiming that there’s a new sheriff in town and he was backed up by the absolute best the promotion could offer. These men were riding high and they seemed to be unstoppable. But as the old adage goes, karma is the big “B” word.

The All Elite OGs: The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle has been around since the very beginning. They were the group to fear, led by a man who was not only legendary in his prime but still has the tools to back it up in Chris Jericho. These men were the past, present, and future. They took center stage and they proved to everyone how a well-oiled machine should look like and perform. Santana and Ortiz form one of the most talented and dangerous duos you could ever hope to have. Jake Hager adds legitimacy and unrelenting brutality to this already fearsome collective. Last but not the least, Sammy Guevarthe man considered as the future of this industry.

Led by Jericho himself, The Inner Circle was looked at as undisputed and unchallenged. Even though MJF tried his absolute best to break the group from within, these men were bound by something greater than themselves. They were brothers through and through. Nothing and nobody could ever change that.

Sure, The Inner Circle fell to the wrath of The Pinnacle. However, these OGs will not go down without a fight. They surprised everyone by returning to AEW Dynamite almost four weeks later after the brutal assault on them. The Inner Circle reasserted their dominance and literally and figuratively kicked The Pinnacle off their thrones. The group returned with a vengeance and with one thing in mind: revenge. In a scathing, immortal statement, Chris Jericho stated that MJF couldn’t even lace his boots. Jericho also claimed that MJF’s cronies were nothing but a poor imitation of the foundation built by The Inner Circle. Ending this passionate and heartfelt speech, “Le Champion” declared war. This is not just any match; it’s a match that will shorten not only careers but settle scores. It’s called a Blood and Guts Match.

All Out War: The Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle

Two rings will be encapsulated in an enclosed cage. Ten men, five on each team, will participate. Two will start the match and will go at it for five minutes until the next man comes out. From there, each team will have to wait for two-minute intervals for another member of their group to join the match. The match can only be one by submission or surrender. This is one of the most unique and sadistic matches AEW could ever hope to sanction. This match will not be for the faint of heart. Violence will undoubtedly reign supreme.

Fans already know, from the events of the parley on last week’s Dynamite, that The Pinnacle will have the advantage. Sammy Guevara himself gave the advantage to the other team and offered himself to be the first entrant into the match. This is it – Blood and Guts is upon us. Two teams will enter; one will leave victorious and one will be left in the pool of their own blood. With The Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle, something has to give. You do not wanna miss this.

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