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Stardom News Round-Up: Bea Priestley Leaving & More (4/4/21)

Yokohama Dream Cinderella

April 4th was a stacked day for professional wrestling in Japan with a number of companies running big shows.  One such company was Stardom who held their Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 in Spring event.  This show was newsworthy with a faction change, title change, and former world champion Bea Priestley departing the promotion.

Bea Priestley Finishes Up With Stardom

During the show, Bea Priestley challenged Utami Hayashishita for the World Of Stardom Championship.  Priestley lost the match and was uncharacteristically nice in the post-match promo.  Even going so far as to patch things up with Momo Watanabe.  Priestley followed this up by tearfully announcing her goodbyes to Stardom and Japan as it seems she is headed for greener pastures, possibly with AEW or WWE.

Gokigen Death Joins Oedo Tai

STARS and Oedo Tai went head to head in an elimination match with the final member eliminated being forced to join the opposing faction.  Gokigen Death was last eliminated by Sako Kashima, handing the win to Oedo Tai in the process.  Natsuko Tora renamed death to Fukigen Death post-match so no more happy clown, instead we get sad clown as STARS loses another member.

#AndNEW: Giulia & Syuri Win Goddess Of Stardom Championships

Yokohama Dream Cinderella

In the main event of the evening, Giulia and Syuri defeated their Donna Del Mondo teammates Maika and Syuri to win the tag team championships.  The tag team championships continue to bounce around from team to team as no team seems able to hang on to the titles for an extended run.  This marks Giulia’s third title run in Stardom since her debut in December 2019 and also marks Syuri’s third run with a title as she is now a double champion.

Watch Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 in Spring live on PIA  or on a delay on Stardom World.

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