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Still Life With Apricots & Pears Unveils Edith Surreal

Still Life With Apricots & Pears Edith Surreal

Ever since her debut with CHIKARA in 2018, Still Life With Apricots & Pears has been one of the US indies’ fastest rising stars, exploding in 2020 and early 2021 with a strong series of matches across promotions such as Camp Leapfrog, Beyond Wrestling, Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), and more. The living work of art has been pushing boundaries within the borders of wrestling and performance art since being unveiled as the masterpiece of CHIKARA’s BLANK in early 2018, but on Thursday night, Still Life With Apricots & Pears revealed her own masterpiece, unveiling her new name – Edith Surreal.

The unveiling occurred on her Twitter account, following her victory over Ziggy Haim during the second episode of Enjoy Wrestling Canned Heat. Throughout the match, Haim kept trying to remove Still Life’s mask, but after Still Life pinned Haim, he went ballistic and attacked her, ultimately removing Still Life’s mask in the middle of the ring. Before her face could be exposed to the cameras, Solo Darling and Willow Nightingale stormed the ring to chase off Haim and cover Still Life, leading her back to the locker room. Backstage, Still Life was at a loss for losing her mask, before revealing she had “another iteration but it’s not ready yet”. Willow offered to grab a needle and thread and help her out, as the two left the area. Soon after the episode of Canned Heat ended, Still Life’s Twitter officially changed over to Edith Surreal.

Much like past Masters like Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso transitioned through artistic styles before finding their groundbreaking legacies, and akin to the musical portraitist David Bowie flowing from Ziggy Stardust to Thin White Duke, it appears that Still Life With Apricots & Pears is no more, and Edith Surreal is the latest artistic endeavor to hit the canvas.

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