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Preview: Beyond Wrestling – Two Weeks Notice (7/26/20)

Two Weeks Notice

With only two weeks notice, hence the name, Beyond Wrestling announced that they would be running with GCW in Atlantic City. Beyond shut down during the pandemic canceling their Wrestlemania show and the third season of Uncharted Territory. Beyond has already announced that this is their only planned show as of right now. The show will be live on Independent

Wheeler Yuta vs Lee Moriarty 

Wheeler Yuta is one of the Beyond regulars that got an opportunity with Uncharted Territory and ran with it. During both seasons of Uncharted Territory, Wheeler Yuta’s matches were always a highlight. He used this opportunity to become one of the top guys of Beyond and certainly could be in the conversation for Ace of Beyond in a few more years. Lee Moriarty is doing something similar one night after a huge performance on IWTV, Moriarty has won the praise of both his peers and fans alike and will be looking to make a memorable debut in Beyond against one of their best. 

Platinum Max Caster W/Shook Crew vs Allie Kat 

Shook Crew were favorites to be breakout stars on Uncharted Territory season 3. The New England Trio (and their goat) has been making a name for themselves as a fun, goofy group of jerks. Allie Kat is coming off a match from GCW’s Backyard show where she wrestled none other than Beyond’s promotor Denver Colorado (the man not the place). The match ended with Allie Kat pushing DC into a pool. It looks like DC is out for revenge as he pitted Allie Kat against an entire stable (and their goat). If anyone knows how to get scrappy though it is Allie Kat. 

Christian Casanova vs Blake Christan 

Christian Casanova was another wrestler who ran away with his opportunities during Uncharted Territory season 2. He started the season in the hated Club Cam but after winning the Tournament for Tomorrow won over the fans. Casanova is an exciting high flyer which makes him a perfect match up for the debuting Blake Christan. Blake Christan is another high flyer who spent most of 2019 wowing audiences with death-defying moves. It should be a firework show on that pier in Atlantic City when these two meet up. 

Bear Country vs InJustice (Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed) 

Bear Country started the year off with a Fans-Bring-The-Weapons match against Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) to kick off the year. While no one then knew what 2020 would turn into it was easy to see it that match set a high standard for what the best match of the year is. The tag team Ace’s of Beyond will be facing off against the new-comers Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed. It is not expected that this match will be much more than quick work for Bear Country as they come out of their hibernation. 

Willow Nightingale vs Pinkie Sanchez 

Pinkie Sanchez ran away with season 2 of Uncharted Territory tagging with Chris Dickinson and ending the season by reuniting with Jaka as Pazuzu. On Sunday afternoon he will face off for the first time with Willow Nightingale. Willow spent most of her 2019 sidelined from a neck injury suffered in a Beyond match against Chris Dickinson. Willow came back only to get sidelined by current events in 2020. She will be looking for a big match back when she faces off against Pinkie Sanchez for the first time. 

Chris Dickinson, Tony Deppen & Nick Gage vs Mance Warner, Matthew Justice & Manders 

Beyond likes to do this thing where they put matchups together that you wouldn’t ever think of but as soon as you see it on paper you know it is going to be good. This is exactly one of those matches. I probably wouldn’t ever think to put Dickinson, Gage, and Deppen all together as a team but I can’t wait to see what it looks like. Each wrestler is not only a fantastic and hard-hitting singles wrestler but are also in their own right accomplished tag team wrestlers. They will be coming together as a group for the first time in a team that would be a favorite to win any years King of Trios. The only problem is they will be facing a team that has tagged together in the 2nd Gear Crew of Matthew Justice, Mance Warner, and Manders. All six of these wrestlers had a great showing during season 2 of Uncharted Territory so it will be exciting to see what they are able to do with their opportunity here. 

Independent Wrestling Championship: WARHORSE (C) vs Rickey Shane Page 

Only a few days before WARHORSE is set to make his TNT television debut on AEW Dynamite to face Cody Rhose for the TNT Championship WARHORSE will first take on Beyond’s co-founder Rickey Shane Page. The match was booked by Denver Colorado who seems to have a grudge out for WARHORSE for whatever reason. Denver spent weeks on twitter calling out WARHORSE to show up and defend the title in Beyond and when WARHORSE finally accepted DC booked him against Rickey Shane Page. This will be WARHORSE’s 309th day as Independent Wrestling Champion tying him with Hot Sauce Tracey Williams as the longest-reigning Independent Wrestling Champion. 



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